The “Roman” KB Training Program… [Checklist Included]

It’s Spring.

And it has been for about a week.

Buds are bursting.

Sun is shining.

Snow is melting.

Birds are chirping.

And my 4-year old is running around the cul-de-sac with the neighbor kids, teaching himself how to ride a scooter.

And of course, millions of people across Western society are dreading having to put on a bathing suit and looking for the “sun shirt” or that “wrap” thingy.

Sure, many people will claim they’re trying to avoid the “negative effects” of too much sun exposure.

But the reality is, they can’t wear what they want to for fear of embarrassment.

So in near desperation or full on panic they’ll resort to searching for a quick fix only to once again, fall flat on their faces in failure because they fail to realize…


If you’ve been neglecting your KB workouts and watching late-night TV with your two friends Ben & Jerry, then suddenly doing 500 swings a day, or whatever the latest motivational challenge isn’t gonna hack off the weight you’ve gained while hibernating.

You (the hypothetical “you” of course) need to engage in the “Roman KB training program.”

What’s that?

It’s the admission and embrace of the centuries old adage –

“Rome was not built in a day.”

Yes, there are “hacks” and “shortcuts” (which really aren’t) but at the end of the day, dropping the winter weight comes down to:

1. Commitment
2. Consistency
3. Concentrated Effort

And of course the “right” program for you.

What’s the “right” program for you?

There are many.

Chances are better than good that if it’s been awhile since you’ve done anything consistently – KB or eating, you need to focus on keeping it simple to start.

Here’s a quick checklist that will get you going:

1. Keep your workouts short. 15 to 20 minutes.
2. Do them frequently. (Daily – at least 5 days a week.)
3. Turn the TV off and go to bed early to get your sleep.
4. Plan your meals in advance.
5. Skip breakfast.
6. Fast once per week.

Just following that list should knock about 5 pounds off you in the next 30 days.

If you need a program to follow that’s short and sweet and to the point, check this out.

Stay Strong.

P.S. It’s been documented that Roman soldiers, when on a campaign would march daily.

They’d carry packs that were about 75% of their body weight.

So there’s always that – you could go ruck daily with 75% of your bodyweight on your back.

However, that’s probably a little too extreme – especially when you’ve been on a layoff.

Taking 20 minutes a day including a 5-minute warm up and doing your workout in your basement or out on your deck is a much more sane approach.

Here are the workouts I’d use to do that.

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