The SECOND Biggest KB Workout Mistake Of ALL Time…

I know, I know, there are so many of them.

But this one has to rank right up there – I’m telling you – it’s
gotta be #2.

Know what it is?

I’ll tell you in a second, but first I wanted to share this email
I got from Cara yesterday about that Darth Vader email:

“Wow did I need this email! I have been working the Strong

program and was worrying that it wasn’t ‘enough’ even though
I feel amazing and have been lifting heavier than ever! Couldn’t
be more right, need to listen to my body instead of letting my
brain get in the way!
Thanks, as always, for the insight!”

Did you catch that?

Cara feels “amazing” and has been “lifting heavier than ever.”

Do you know why?

(Apart from the fact she’s using “Kettlebell STRONG!”…)

It’s because she hasn’t fallen for the 2nd biggest workout mistake
of ALL time.

And that is –

(drum roll please, maestro…)

Starting a new workout “B@llz to the Wall.”

That’s right.

See along with having to “feel like you got a workout” in, most
people start a new workout program and they go “all out” on the
first day and even the first week.

They don’t give their bodies enough “room to grow” – and that
is one of the reasons that explains why the hop from program to
program to program.

I can’t tell you how many emails I’ve received over the last
couple of years from people complaining that my programs are
“too easy” when they first get started.

I just tell them to be patient and wait a week. It usually works.


Why do you want your workouts to be easy when you first start


Physiological and Psychological.

Your body cannot just go “all out” all the time. (We covered that

And neither can your mind. You can only survive periods of high
stress for a short time before that stress starts negatively
affecting your body.

How then would you set up your programs to avoid doing this?

Well a simple template could be something like this:

Week 1: Easy
Week 2: Medium-hard
Week 3: Hard
Week 4: Very Hard

And then maybe start all over again.

However, I find there’s a much better way to structure programs –
and that’s simply by waving the loads from workout-to-workout
over the course of weeks and months.

That way I can look back over time and see with relative ease just
how far I’ve come.

Probably the best example I know of that is the “STRONG!” program
inside “Kettlebell STRONG!.”

If you want to be like Cara and not only “feel amazing,” but also
“lift heavier than ever” – get your copy of “Kettlebell STRONG!”

Talk soon.


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