The Secret “C” Word And Your KB Workouts

The “C” word.

The word we are all acutely aware of but dare not speak aloud
in public…

Yeah – THAT one…

Sure, we’ll use it when no one’s looking and we are alone with
ourselves but that’s about it.

Wait – 

What are you thinking…?

I’m talking about –


It’s not something we readily admit we might be lacking.

We all put on some sort of “armor” to protect ourselves – that
thing we’re good (and enjoy) and project ourselves into our

And when that armor starts to rust, we feel…


See, when it comes right down to it, we all started using (and
still do use) KBs to boost our confidence.

Now, I’m not necessarily talking about vanity here –

External appearances and whatnot…

Not that there’s anything wrong with that if that’s your
reasoning behind your KB workouts.

What I’m talking about is feeling better about something –

Whatever it is that’s important to you –

+ Being more confident in moving again – you know – regaining
that feeling you had when you were 7, effortlessly squatting
down with no thought whatsoever on you part, except for your
Legos or dolls…

+ Being more confident at work – that confidence that being –
and more importantly – feeling – strong gives you – you know,
that magnetic personality that others LOVE being around…

+ Being able to last longer – to have the stamina to whatever it
is you do or want to do – playing chase all afternoon with
your kids, or having an extra hour of laser-sharp focus to
finish up that project at work when everyone else has
thrown in the towel because “they’re too tired”…

+ Being more confident in public – for some that means being
able to take your shirt off at the pool, or wear that two-piece
you used to wear, without shame or fear of embarrassment,
knowing that others are jealously watching your every move
from behind their sunglasses or from under the brim of their
hat …

It doesn’t matter the reason –

As long as it’s YOURS.

But here’s something, somewhere, many of us lack confidence
(Including myself sometimes) –

Our actual kettlebell workouts.

Here’s what I mean –

We get an email or see an article or hear from a friend about
a new kettlebell workout and we get all excited about their
results and the potential for their results to be ours.

Because of course, the workout we’re doing now is, well, how
shall we say this – not really living up to our expectations.
We’re not looking or feeling like the pictures in the ads for the

You know what I’m talking about?

I remember my first disappointment with my kettlebell

(You know what? I’ve never actually told anybody this

It was actually when I first got them –

The thing that “sold” me was the promise of “tree-swinging traps”
because, hey, I was a lot younger back then and that sort of
thing appealed to me.

(In case you’re wondering, “traps” are the muscles on top of
your shoulders that connect to your neck and look like triangles.
And young men with big traps look very intimidating… They
call it the “Power Look.”)

The problem was, I didn’t get tree-swinging traps from using

Why not?

Because I already had pretty big traps to begin with.

And I got them from lifting enormous weights – not a little 53
pound or 70 pound kettlebell. (Please realize that although
these may not be little to you, they were to me at the time because
of my training background in Olympic Weightlifting and

So my confidence in the kettlebell’s ability to produce the results
that I specifically wanted [at that moment in time] were severely

(Good thing that wasn’t a priority for any of my clients and that,
fortunately, I had the wisdom, thank God, to recognize that,
otherwise we may not be talking today…)

You might be feeling the same way.

You like kettlebells – maybe even a lot.

You may even be one of the “die hards” like myself.

But your confidence is slowly eroding because your workouts
aren’t delivering what you expected them to.

You know what?

That’s ok.


Because it’s not your fault.

And I don’t write that tongue-in-cheek – because if you know
anything about me and my philosophy, I don’t fall prey to or
advocate that victim mentality crap – I’m a big believer in
personal responsibility.

(I’m betting you are too – since kettlebells tend to draw a certain
type of “individualistic” and “can do” person.)

The reason it’s not your fault is because you didn’t know that
there were 4 specific phases that comprise productive kettlebell
programming – workouts that get you the specific results you’re
looking for.

If you’ve been reading my emails over the last 2 weeks or so,
you learned what they were.

Here they are again:

Phase 1: Get Rid Of Your Weak Links
Phase 2: Get Stronger
Phase 3: Get Leaner
Phase 4: Get More Muscular

Now, however, you might be scratching your head wondering
HOW to implement them into your current workouts.

That’s what I cover here.

If you’ve lost confidence in your kettlebell workouts, I strongly
urge you to check this out –

It explains everything you need to know and HOW to proceed

One more thing –

There might be some doubt in the back of your head –

“How’s he KNOW that these 4 phases work and are what I

Great question.

Here’s something I don’t share with a lot of people, because it
might sound like bragging –

I learned about the 4 phases through years and years of trial
and error and the School of Hard Knocks.

For example, when I was actually smart enough to start counting
my one-on-one personal training sessions in 2001 (I started
training people in 1993), I logged over 22,000 hours from
2001 to 2013.

Here’s the cool part – most of these weren’t 12 week “catch-
and-release” hours –

You know – work with someone for a 12-week “transformation”
program and then never see them again.

Nope – most of these hours were from working with extremely
long-term clients – between 5 and 12 years.

And the really cool thing about that is I turned my studios
into research labs. I got to see what worked (and equally as
important – what didn’t) in the long term.

Fortunately, these circumstances, coupled with an obsession
for studying programming and functional anatomy and
physiology, helped me navigate the troubled waters of
the “industry” – that part of the fitness business who’s sole
purpose is to make money no matter what –

And finally discover the Truth.

Like I said, I don’t share any of that with you to brag, because
if you’ve been part of the Kettlebell Secrets newsletter for any
length of time, you’ll know that I’m a relatively private person,
not one of those “look at me and what I can do” type of people.

I share that for one reason only –

To give you confidence in this programming.

To give you confidence that this WILL work for you THIS

Like it did for my client “Eric” – who I had the honor and
privilege to train for 12 years – and his wife who I also trained
for 12 years (man, I miss them – they’re like extended family),
along with 2 of his 3 daughters, and his entire company.

Here’s what I know for a fact – people will not pay you their
hard-earned cash to train them if you cannot deliver results
week-in-and-week out. Let alone year-in-and-year-out.

And here’s what else I know:

I have used and lived these 4 phases (and still do) on myself
and learned them through trial and error.

See, I was very selfish when I was younger.

Everything I did and learned was to help me as an athlete first,
and my clients second. I figured there was no way I was going
to use something on my clients that I hadn’t rigorously field-
tested on myself first.

I made a lot of painful mistakes and missteps along the way.

But fortunately, I made it through. (Sadly, not everyone does.)

You don’t have to have to make any of the mistakes I did.

You can avoid them all – drive around the potholes, take the
correct detours, and find the shortest shortcuts by learning
how to use the 4 Phases here.

You can train with confidence again.

Thanks for letting me ramble.

Talk soon.


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