The “Secret” KB Exercise For Effortless KB Snatches

Yesterday I started writing about the “BIG IDEA” that
you should use when training the Snatch Test – or any
sort of timed test.

It was two-fold -

1) Get stronger.

2) Get stronger by training the Double Swing – hard.

But I said that neither of those were the really big
idea I had in mind and I would tell you today.

And so I shall…

Like I mentioned yesterday, this BIG IDEA enabled me
to snatch the 106# KB for 10 reps each arm at my RKC
in 2005 without training specifically for doing so.

It will produce similar results for you.

Ok, so what’s the BIG IDEA?

(Hey, that just kind of came out – pretty neat methinks…)

It’s this – and I’ve written about this before but
I’m sure 90% of the people reading this – maybe even
you (I hope not) ignored me.


Because what I’m about to tell you is hard.

For many, too hard.

But it lays the foundation for your swings.

That’s right your heavy double swings.

(I’ll write more about this later – the reasons why in
future emails.)

If you really want to crush the Snatch Test, and I
mean kick it to curb and make it walk home, penniless,
in the rain then –

You need to build up your systemic strength with heavy
Double KB Front Squats (DFSQs).

You may be tempted not to believe me because this
sounds too hard – maybe even crazy – until you consider
this –

One class of the strongest, leanest athletes on the
planet build their snatches and clean and jerks with
heavy squats –

Olympic lifters.

Guys like this guy – Dmitri Klokov, of Russia  – 105kg
World Champion in Olympic Lifting (2005) –

Notice how lean and muscular he is?

Sure, he’s younger and he trains a lot more than you and

But – one of the staples in his training program is heavy
squats – especially heavy front squats.


Because as I mentioned earlier, Olympic lifters know that
big pulls (snatches and cleans) are built off heavy

And so, if you are really serious about destroying your
Snatch Test – or even just moving up a KB size – you
better start hitting your heavy Double Front Squats.

Unfortunately, most people make one of these four major
mistakes found on pp.18-19.

Are you one of them?

Based on my experience – More likely than not.

When you get your copy of “Kettlebell STRONG!” you’ll
learn the correct way to do your Double Front Squats –

The way that will transfer over the most to improving
your heavy Double Swings and your puny little single
KB Snatch. (At least it’ll feel that way after you’ve
spent some time getting strong with the DFSQs and
heavy Double Swings.)

Get ready to own your Snatch.


P.S. Also included is my #1 drop-dead simple cue that
overrides the way your brain thinks you should squat
and delivers near-perfect squats to 95% of people who
use it. (On p.15.)

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