The Secret To INSTANT Strength Gains

I just got back from teaching at the RKC
last weekend.

Here’s a cool statistic for you –

42% of attendees set a PR on their Press.

How’d they do that?

By not only paying attention to the details of
the Press – but –

– And here’s the *important* part –

Knowing what those details were in the first

And THAT, my friend, is THE Secret to Instant
strength gains –

Knowing that the details exist in the first

Here’s another example – I got an email
the other day from a guy named Russ who
saw –

Are you ready for this number?

A 138% increase in his strength in just
ONE workout!

That’s CRAZY!

Here’s how he did it and how you can

Talk soon.


P.S. Imagine what kind of progress you
could start seeing if you only knew what
those details were… Start here.

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