The “Secret” To Kettlebell Workouts? (That No One’s Talking About…?)

Happy snowy Monday to you!

At least it’s snowing here in the mountains.

Started yesterday, stopped for a little while, and then started up again last night.

Man! The roads sure were fun though. :-)

All the schools were cancelled today due to ice.

Snow on top of ice. On top of snow. On top of ice.

Like some kind of slippery sandwich.

Good thing I shoveled my driveway (twice) yesterday.

I got a 4-5 inch head start, which is going to make it SO much easier to shovel when it finally does stop snowing.

Kinda reminds me of working out.

See, many people bought their kettlebell because of it’s “magical” properties to hack off body fat at a faster than normal pace.

If that’s true, then why are so many people who use them, or once used them, still struggling to get off the body fat?


It has to do with this “secret” –

Knowing what to do when AND…

To DO it.

Yeah, not sexy.

And maybe not even that big of a “secret.”

But there is A LOT of power to those 3 action steps.

1. WHAT to do.

This is so simple, it’s easy to overlook.

Swing your kettlebell.

Snatch it.

Do Clean and Jerks.

Or even Get Ups. (Bleh.)

Pick what you’re not that good at and do that thing.



When you’re not that good at it, it means you’re inefficient.

And that means you’ll burn more calories than when you’ve become efficient at it.

Easy for you to knock off 300 swings?


Now aim for 150 snatches in a workout.

Not so easy.

As a result, you’ll burn more calories.

2. WHEN to do it.

In the morning?

3 hours after you wake up for maximum force production?

In the evening after work?


Find the BEST time for you to do your workouts and do them then.

3. DOING it.

This is where most people fall down.

They get all excited from the latest Flakebook motivational meme, and get their workout done… Today.

Tomorrow and the next day…

We’ll have to wait and see.

“I’m just soooooooooo busy.”

Or –

“I’m sooooooo tired.”

Funny how staying up late watching Game of Thrones on the ol’ TiVo can zap you of your energy.

The key here is to actually DO your workouts.

This is where the “magic” happens.

This is what actually makes your body adapt and gives you the results you want.

A poorly designed Swing workout faithfully executed (and they’re sure are a lot out there) will yield far superior results than the “perfect” program just stared at on the computer screen or in your training journal.

That’s why I like to keep my workouts – my training, purposefully simple.

Overly so.

If I showed you my training program you’d probably be bored to tears with how little is actually in there.


2 exercises.

That’s it.

You know what though?

It’s that simplicity that keeps me consistent – that keeps me training 5 to 6 days a week, barring any unforeseen events.

If you’ve been having a hard time doing your workouts due to feeling tired, overwhelmed, or late night binges of your favorite HBO series, don’t let it get you down.

You can do very simple 15 minute workouts that will, over time, get you the results you want.

See, just like shoveling snow, doing a little bit at a time keeps you ahead of the curve and won’t wear you out (or in some cases kill you) like trying to do it all at once and getting overwhelmed.

For daily, short, manageable kettlebell workouts, go here.

Gotta run.

Stay Strong.


PS – Is it just me? Or is no one really talking about this?

I dunno.

Maybe my head’s stuck in the clouds.

(At 8000+ feet above see level 5 days a week it’s possible.)

It seems that “everyone’s” talking about the “mechanics” behind the workouts – or “why” the workouts work.

Really though, at the end of the day, it’s all academic if you’re not actually doing the workouts?

Know what I mean?

Cut yourself a break from the “mechanics” and figuring out “why” and which is the “best” KB workout.

Just do something.


Now even.

If you don’t know where to start, this would be a very good place.

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