The “Secret” To Lifting A Heavier KB, Losing Fat, And Feeling Awesome All The Time…

I am incredibly fortunate to have been training some of the
same clients for the last 10 years.

Doesn’t that get boring you ask?

Not in the slightest.

I don’t think I could be one of those “catch and release” kinds
of trainers.

See, I’m my clients’ partner.

They lean on me to help them reach their goals and keep
reaching new goals.

The really cool thing though is it allows me to really get a
good glimpse into how the human psyche works cause of
the long term relationships we have built on trust.

One of my clients has really been struggling lately.

Maybe you can relate.

She feels her body is slipping backwards. Slowly…
(She’s still WAY stronger than when we first started working
together though.)

Little aches and pains are showing up that she’s never had

And it’s frustrating to her.

And me.

Cause I’m watching from the outside and all I can do is offer
counsel and words of support.

Have you ever felt that way?

Your workouts aren’t going the way you want or your body
isn’t performing the way it once used to?

I’ve been there and it’s frustrating.

But there’s a “secret” and discovering that secret is the key to
her success – and yours.

She is caught up in a pattern of behavior – primarily neglect.

She consistently neglects to the even the simplest things which
she KNOWS from experience to make her feel better.

And that she KNOWS from experience to work for her.

She’s consistently doing the wrong things – things that are
taking her away from her goals:

– eating the wrong foods
– eating the wrong foods at the wrong times
– not eating
– not doing simple physical body maintenance
– not exercising at all on days we don’t meet
– not sleeping enough

In short, she’s being consistently self-destructive.

And I hate it for her.

I wish I could step inside her and “make” her do the things she
says she wants but doesn’t do.

You ever feel that way? Consistently sabotaging yourself and
not knowing what to do about it or how to stop?

I have.

The key is obviously to stop doing those behaviors and
start doing the behaviors that will lead you to your stated goals –

But how do you do that?

Pretty simple, really.

Find an “anchor” – something which you can tie your goals
around that seems bigger than yourself and keeps you where
you say you want to be.

For me, I quit being an idiot and gave up dreams of glory in
Olympic Lifting because I was about to be a dad. So all my
physical goals are based around the following thought:

“Will what I’m doing add to or detract from my relationship
with my son and my ability to be the best dad for him?”

Pretty simple.

Pretty sobering.

And once you’ve got your anchor, then it’s time to take action.

Any action.

The smaller and easier the better.

Many people struggle to work out routinely. Maybe that’s you.

No sweat – just do a little bit at a time.


And from there a little bit becomes more.


And finally you’ve built up so much momentum from your
consistently small yet consistent actions that you are automatically

You just can’t help but to reach your goals.

They’re almost automatic – like being on “auto pilot.”

“Ok, that’s all very well and good,” you say, “but how do I start or
where do I start consistently doing my workouts when there’s
so much to choose from?”

Well, we all really have the SAME goal – feel better about
ourselves both inside and out.

So you start at the beginning.

You start with a simple-to-do, easy-to-follow program using
a simple exercise that delivers a lot of results.

You start with Swings. Not a lot. Just enough.

You start with “Swing Season” in “Kettlebell Express!”. It’s
only an hour a week.

That may not sound like much.

That’s ok.


Do it for 60 days.


That’s the big “secret” to anything – pressing a heavy KB,
losing fat, and feeling awesome all the time.


Talk soon.


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