The “Sexiest” KB Workout Ever?

The Oscars were last night – apparently.

I only know cause my homepage is set to one of the
news blogs.

The funny thing about Hollywood and the Oscars
is, at least in my mind, it’s all about “sex appeal.”

Our culture is inundated with the secret lives of
Hollywood stars – who’s sexy and who’s not.

Who’s doing what when and where and with whom
(there not supposed to)…

It’s a crazy obsession if you ask me.

For example, my client this morning had very little
energy because she was up late last night watching
the Oscars.

And she routinely sabotages herself staying up late
catching up on her favorite shows – “American Idle,”
etc. and has more “bad” workouts than good.

She says she wants to workout every day to achieve
her goals, but 8 out of 10 weeks, it’s 2 days a week
with me and that’s it.

Why is that?

Cause she’s more caught up (from my vantage point
anyway) with other people’s lives instead of her own.

So her physical goals are not a true priority.

And she gets bored easily doing the “same” stuff all
the time.

Her workouts, are very un-Hollywood-like, very un-sexy.

Which of course, in some ways, explains her lack
of results.


Because the quest for the “sexiest” KB workout ever
forgets one thing:


It’s the same reason all the Hollywood stars have such
unstable personal lives.

There’s no consistency.

And make no mistake, consistency IS sexy.

Don’t believe me?

Think about this:

1. The key to great wealth is consistently spending less
than you earn, saving, and investing to various degrees
of risk.

Having lots of money is sexy.

2. The key to getting ahead in the corporate world is to
consistently be your best, do your best, and be a team
player (So I’ve been told.)

Having a great job with a high paying salary – Sexy.

3. The key to having a wonderful and stable long-term

relationship with the one you love – and maybe even
some kids in there – is consistently putting the other
person first. (When both people put each other first,
both people’s needs get met – everyone wins!)
Finding your soul-mate and spending the rest of
your life with her/him – Sexy.

4. The key to getting as strong as you want, or as lean
as you want, or in “amazing shape” is to do your workouts
– methodically and predictably – and not bounce from
one program to another – and finish what you started.

Seeing your body change and feeling great about
yourself – also sexy.

Bottom line:

Consistent results are sexy.

However, don’t just take my word for it – here’s what Bob B
(Yes, that’s how his name came through in his email to
me – “Bob B”) said:

“inner circle month 1:
Overall I would say my results are pretty amazing! First of all
this has been a reset that I’ve needed and didn’t know it!
Thought I was doing really well but now see the real need.

The SMC at the beginning has been a life saver, I realize how
tight I was. I have gone from a parallel front squat at best to almost
a true rock bottom goblet only lacking about 2 inches to achieve it.
The get ups to the hand have done some amazing things for my core,
flattening and much more solid. Probably an exercise I will never
avoid again.
Also I have experienced weight and body fat loss. I haven’t gotten
on a scale, I will probably do that next month, with the common
sense weight loss time frame. But I can tell by the way my clothes
fit. My upper body feels leaner, My chest is about a 50 inch, which
was always solid but bulky, to now seeing more definition and less
bulk. I’m loosing the love handles and the pouch in the middle, and
am stoked to see how this evolves.
By far this has been the best, progressive, step by step program
I’ve ever done!!!!!!!!!!! No doubts in what you say, teach, and
Thanks Geoff!!!!”

I think you’d agree, those kind of results are “sexy.”

If you want to see those kinds of results, do what Bob did
and join the Inner Circle.

Here’s where you get in:

Or you can keep searching for the latest, greatest Hollywood
fad workouts, which I’m sure will be popping up all over
the place now that the Oscars are over…

Talk soon.


If you’ve found this email helpful, feel free to forward
it to friends or loved ones.

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