The “Shortcut” To Faster Results

Often times, people look for answers in all the wrong places.

For example, not being a mechanic, when my truck was recently
not starting, based on my previous experience with cars (which
is minimal) I thought it might be the starter, or the alternator
or the distributor.


It was the fuel pump.

And it turns out that it (the fuel pump) was living on borrowed

When I finally took it to the mechanic, he was surprised it
hadn’t crapped out on me already.

Likewise, we look at our lack of results with our KB workouts
and we look in the wrong places.

More swings…

Another fat loss program…

Add an extra workout in…

When in reality, it’s none of those things.

When you discover what it was you were missing, it’s like
discovering a shortcut.

Here’s what I mean.

Talk soon.


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