The Single BEST Thing You Can Do On Thanksgiving

First of all, if you’re one of my American friends,
Happy Thanksgiving to you!

I hope today is a fun-filled, enjoyable, and hopefully
relaxing day with your family and friends.

If your on other mailing lists – and undoubtedly you
are – you’ll probably be hearing about the “dangers”
of all the food you’re going to be eating today.

… How the wrong ingredients will make you permanently

… Give you simultaneous brain and colorectal cancer…

… Or curse your descendants to the fourth generation or
some such nonsense.


You know it’s true.

I get the same newsletters you do.

It seems you can’t eat anything these days without
suffering some kind of “toxic buildup” that’s going
to doom you to a bed-ridden life of pills and doctor’s
visits after the age of 50.

I say –


You know what?


Guilt free.


Plan Your Enjoyment.





Holidays are meant to be times of celebration.

So celebrate.

Enjoy your family.

Enjoy your friends.

Enjoy your food.

Want to put yourself into a food coma on the couch while
“watching” football?

Knock yourself out.

Want that extra piece of pumpkin pie, heavy on the whipped

Go for it.

(I will for sure. I’m probably gonna eat the whole pie
if my wife’s not looking…)

Want to turn “stuffing” from a noun to a verb?

(Think about it for a sec…)

Go for it.

And do it without guilt.

Live in the moment.

Don’t worry about tomorrow until tomorrow.

Speaking of tomorrow, you’ll want to have a strategy in
place to help offset all of today’s enjoyment.


Because you already know the answer –


One of the keys to an enjoyable life is finding balance.

Yin and yang – that sort of thing.

Fortunately, I’ve got you covered –

It’s called the “Kettlebell Secrets Holiday Survival

In it you’ll learn the 3 BEST Strategies that you can
use to not only keep those holiday pounds from sneaking
on – but also how you might even be able to lose
2 to 3 pounds over the next 6 weeks while still enjoying
the Holidays.

Here’s a sneak peak:


Learn the best eating and workout timing methods so you
can show up at any party, any time, and socialize, eat,
and drink, guilt free.

In fact, you’ll even feel great about it – like you’re
pulling a fast one – because you are.

Your friends and co-workers will be wracked with guilt
and shame because of their lack of self-control and
willpower to be chow-hounds.

Not you.

You’ll be living it up using these methods.


Sometimes, parties catch you off guard.

They sneak up on you.

They’re unannounced, unexpected, or you just have too
much to do to prep for them.

That’s ok.

That’s life.

No sweat. Don’t fret.

You’re covered with “Damage Control.”

You’ll still be able to enjoy yourself using these eating
and workout tactics.

Best part – No Guilt.

Cause you’re now in control.


What if there was a way to put your body into literally
permanent fat-burning mode – like flipping a switch and
your body would start working for you, instead of
against you?

There is.

You can structure your eating and your workouts this
time of year so you will enjoy all your Holiday parties
guilt free.

You’ll learn how in this section.

It really is simple.

In fact, I’m employing one of these tactics right now
as I write this.

So. Easy. I’m laughing inside. And you will too once
you start using this.

If you’re feeling guilty about all the food you know
you’re going to eat –

If you feel you can’t resist the lure of all that turkey,
stuffing, sweet potato casserole, mashed potatoes, gravy,
cranberry jelly, and assorted pies…

Like the Millennium Falcon caught in the Death Star’s
tractor beam…

It’s only $7.

Why so amazingly cheap?


It’s my way of saying “Thank You” for being a loyal
“Kettlebell Secrets” reader and to help you get through
this Holiday Season pain and guilt free.

When you get your copy at the link below – you’ll be
taken straight to the shopping cart – there is no fancy
sales letter –

Where upon checkout, you’ll be immediately taken to the
access page where you can download your copy of the
“Holiday Survival Guide.”

Talk soon.

And remember –



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