The “Sitting On Your A$$” Workout

It was 3 years ago now.

I was overlooking the ocean – drinking in the sound of
the waves and watching the sunrise, sipping original
Kona coffee – in Paradise no less.

I whisked my family away for a working vacation – I was
writing a book.

Unfortunately or not – I had zero access to any KBs.

All I had was my bodyweight to play with.

And play I did.

And slacked off.

Sat around and enjoyed myself.

Essentially, I took the entire month off of formalized

No plans.

Only “winging” it.

Mainly, I sat around writing, lying in the sun, taking in
the waves, and sightseeing.

In the afternoons, if I felt like it, I’d do some Pull Ups,
Pistols, or other gymnastics-based bodyweight exercises.

The best part?


I found my favorite ice cream – or one of them –

Hagen Daaz Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough.

I’d eat probably half a pint a night after some nice
steak and veggies.

The results?

Got down to 192lbs – the lowest I’d been in 20 years.

My body and my mind apparently needed some major recovery.

A little more about my workouts:

– They were never hard
– They were NEVER taken to failure
– They were always treated as “practice”
– They were always focused on technique

And sometimes, I’d just play around with some new exercises –
not trying to master them in any way shape or form – but just
to goof off and have fun.

I was seriously interested in bodyweight gymnastic exercises
so I did some research online and bought a world class
gymnastics coach’s book. (Hey, I want to learn from experts
in their craft.)

And I played with the exercises I could do.

It was basically a “post season” – just like we used to put athletes
through when I was coaching.

There was very little formalized structure to their programs.

Just the basics.

And never hard or heavy.

Post Season is a time for recovery.

It’s also a time for preparation – getting ready for the next
phase of training.

The Holiday Season – for some people, should be a time
for recovery.

A time where you do a bunch of “sit on your a$$”
workouts like the ones I described.

It’s a great time to play with new exercises –

The Jerk or Double Snatch.

And it’s a great time to lay the foundation for the
upcoming year by playing with tougher variations
of familiar exercises –

Substitute out the Goblet Squat for the double KB

You never know, just goofing off with these exercises
and eating your favorite ice cream every night may
get you back into your college jeans too.

Talk soon.


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