The Stupidest Thing I’ve Ever Seen (And Damaging Confession Inside…)

You ever see something just so stupid it riled
you up and went on your Top 5 list of Stupidest
things you’ve ever seen?

I mean, just jaw-droppingly stupid?

We were watching TV the other night and I saw
what I think is the stupidest thing I’ve ever seen
in my life.

Pathetic was probably more like it.

First, let me say that we don’t watch a lot of TV.

Second, and here’s my damaging confession –

Guys, you’re either going to be laughing at me
or shaking your head in sympathy –

Most of the TV we watch is on the “girl channel” –

or one of them – HGTV.

Yeah, we watch all those “home beautiful” shows.
(My wife really enjoys them, what can I say?)

Now you may be wondering what in the H-E-double-
hockey-sticks this has to do with kettlebells.

Hang on – I’ll get there.

So we’re watching “House Hunters International” –
one of our favorite shows – when I see a commercial
for yet another reality TV show –

There were a pack of guys rolling down the street
– all of them in their 30s or 40s – tatted up, hair
slicked back, gold chained, hopping from bar to bar –

And here’s the stupid/pathetic part –

They all lived at home with their “Ma”.

And that was the show – about a bunch of Italian
guys who lived in Brooklyn at home with their “Ma”.

One guy even said, and I quote (in the worst Brooklyn
accent ever) –

“Why would I want to get married? My Ma does everything
for me!”

Ugh. And double Ugh.


Am I casting judgment?

Most certainly.

These guys have to grow up.

It’s not natural for a guy to never leave the nest and
stand on his own two feet.

I love my Mom, but at 39 years old I wouldn’t want to
live at home with her and I can confidently say she
wouldn’t want me to either.

And that brings me to kettlebells and why I use them.

Let’s face it – we’re in the minority.

Because even though KBs are for everybody, not
everybody’s suited for them.

Cause for one – they promote a certain rugged
independent individualism.

A “stand on your own two feet and take full responsibility
for you life” type mindset.

And two – they’re weights for grown ups.

They’re not toys. You don’t necessarily work your “show”
muscles, like your Gunz.

Nope, you roll up your sleeves, and you get to work doing
what you need to do to forge your body to serve you.

Just like what adults do – the things that are NECESSARY.

You forge stronger hands, abs, legs, back, shoulders, and
of course, heart and lungs.

And you do it usually in your own “Courage Corner” – the
place where no one is looking and it’s just you against
you – mano e mano.

Kettlebells are work, not play. Sure they can be “fun” but
their purpose is to provide a “No-Nonsense” way to mold
your body to serve you better.

No belts. No gloves. No mirrors. No spandex and tank
tops or slicked back hair.

Just a pair of shorts, some chalk, and your kettlebell(s)
out on the back porch getting it done.

And you go hard.

And the harder you go, the shorter you have to go. No
primping, posing or posturing either. Just quietly
knockingit back. Getting it done – bending life for
a few moments to your will.

Know what I mean?

You feelin’ what the Neup’s slammin’ down at ya?

Heck yeah!

Ok, rant over.

[Heart rate returning to normal…]

Have a great weekend – I’m off to hit my big ballistics
workout of the week – Workout #6 – (more about that later),
throw down some double cheeseburgers and pizza, and watch
more HGTV, lol.


P.S. Almost forgot – here are some short, tough, rugged,
“get ‘er done” type workouts that you can use in your
“Courage Corner.”

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