The Time I Separated My Shoulder (Underground Fat Loss Technique)

It wasn’t the first time.

The first time I was ok, but his car door wasn’t.

I was riding my bike home from work when some joker kicked
his car door open without looking.

I had no time to stop.

I slammed on my brakes and fortunately slowed down somewhat –

My front tire smashed into his door and I went over the
handlebars – catching the top of his door with my chest.

I flew butt over head over door.

I was so PISSED!

This joker started yelling at me – and I had all I could do
to not knock his head off for almost getting me killed.

I took a smug satisfaction in watching him try to close his
car door – I had bent it in half with the weight of my body
and the force of the crash.

Fortunately, I wasn’t hurt. Just lost some skin on my chest.

From then on out every time I rode anywhere (which was daily),
I ALWAYS kept an eye on the driver’s side door of the cars
parked along the street –

Just watching to see if there were any drivers ready to fling
their doors open on me without looking.

I had several near mishaps.

I was feeling great riding to evening class one day.

And there she was – I can still see her in my mind’s eye –

She flung open her car door.

Anticipating it, I swerved –

And almost made it.

The edge of my pedal caught the edge of her door –

And flipped me butt over head –

Fortunately, as a wrestler, I had sense enough to tuck and

But it still wasn’t enough.

I came crashing down on the top of my left shoulder and the
left side of my head.

Angry and flooded with adrenaline, I stood up, shook myself
off, grabbed my bike, yelled at the girl, and rode to class.

While in class, my head and shoulder started throbbing.

Most likely I had a concussion.

And worse (or so I thought at the time) – I couldn’t really
move my left shoulder.

So I went to see one of the athletic trainers and she diagnosed
me with a separated shoulder.


Not really.

Put a major cramp in my workouts.

I had to put my upper body work on hold, which was majorly
frustrating because I had recently been making incredible
progress – smashing some old personal records.

The “only” thing I could do was lower body.

So I did.

After a week off, I squatted 3 days a week for the next 3
days a week.

After I squatted, I did some good mornings.

No fancy “secret Russian programming” – just 3 to 5 sets of 5.

Zero upper body work – I needed to let that shoulder heal up.
(It took a week just to be able to lift it straight up again.)

Here’s what happened after squatting 3 days a week with
no upper body work for a month:

– My bench press stayed the same.

– I lost 1 rep off my 5 rep max on my barbell shoulder press.

– I was leaner and my pants were looser in the waist.

How did that happen?

Because adaptation – ANY adaptation – is systemic.

That means change happens to the WHOLE body – not
pieces or parts of it.

(And no, I wasn’t doing any cardio or MetCon.)

That’s why I recommend when learning the double kettlebell lifts
you start by learning the Double KB Front Squat (DFSQ).

Wait –

What’s that have to do with fat loss?

Quite simply – Squats – particularly double KB Front Squats –
will get your whole body stronger –


And gaining strength requires calories.

If you don’t increase the amount of food you eat, a DFSQ
based or focused program will pull the fat off you.

Focusing on squatting – making it the centerpiece of your
workouts is one of the most “underground” methods for fat
loss there is.

In fact, most people don’t even know about it – let alone use



Squatting is hard.

And our society has conditioned us to avoid hard work when
it comes to fat loss and exercise.

We are conditioned to look for the “magic pill” or the
“easy button.”

The fact is, we are designed to squat. Toddlers squat all the
time. As adults, we don’t. So we lose some of our ability to
do so.

For some, it takes a little time to get that ability back.

Plus, squatting uses ALL the muscles in your body.

And that requires effort.

Most people are looking for the easy way out – the path of
least resistance.

Not us though.

We’re not afraid of work – as long as we know there’s a
payoff at the end.

Want to know the safest, best way to perform the DFSQ?

Grab these videos.

After that, print out the “STRONG!” program, put it in your
training journal, and follow it using a 4 or 5RM pair of

You’ll not only be surprised with just how strong you get, but
you’ll also be amazed at how strenuous the program is and how
much fat you’ll lose without any extra effort on your part.

(WORD OF WARNING: Squats are notorious for making you
hungry. It’s a sign of using extra calories. So don’t go chowing
down or this won’t work.)

Talk soon.


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