The Top 7 Reasons Why Original Strength Won’t Work For You…

I haven’t talked about this too much – but I have a feeling
Original Strength won’t work for you.


Here are 7 reasons:

1. It’s TOO simple.

Honestly, there are only 5 resets. That’s it.

Well, almost. See, we’ve figured out that we’re so smart
we can even screw those up. So there are a few “regressions”
to each reset.

Unfortunately, these are not complicated, and bear a
striking resemblance to the resets.

So there’s not a whole lot to memorize and remember.

Oh, and they don’t require the use of any outside implements
like bands or bells or whatever. Bummer.

2. You don’t have to be “precise.”

We don’t much care about precision.

Sure, there are one or two key points to watch out for as you
do your resets – and when you get into the regressions, but
other than that – ehhh – it’s really a matter of “good, better,

Something’s better than nothing in the case of OS.

3. You don’t need an advanced degree to understand how
to use this stuff – or teach it to others.

I’m not a doctor or PT – nor do I play either on TV. (Probably
because I have a radio voice.)

(I did however used to get referrals from one of the top
orthopedic docs at Duke Sports Medicine: She’d refer
me her patients that the in-house PTs couldn’t fix…)

OS is quite simple – do the resets – get the results.

If you like the results, show your friends and help them
get the results they want.

If you’re a trainer – show your clients/students and they’ll
think you’re the smartest person they ever met cause
you just showed them how to use their own bodies to
“fix their issues” and start seeing results again (or
results at a faster pace.)

4. There are no “levels” to aspire to.

It’s true.

There are just the 5 resets – that’s all.

Ok, that’s not “all.”

When you come to an OS workshop, we show you the
regressions on Day 1 and the progressions on Day 2.

(Progressions – how to load the standing resets for
even greater performance gains.)

But after that, unfortunately, there’s nowhere to go.

No higher levels of expertise to ascend to.

(Yet. I’m sure we could probably come up with something
if we were begged to and people wanted to pay a lot
of money to become “Masters.”

Then again, probably not, cause we really can’t over-
complicate this stuff.)

Once you learn the resets, the regressions, and the
progressions, refreshingly, you’re covered.

The only thing left for you to do is play with them and
enjoy their results.

5. OS is too intuitive to work.

We live in a society that values the mind – and using
the mind and the five senses.

Anything that strikes us on a “gut level” should automatically
be distrusted.

(Despite the fact the digestive system is considered the
second brain – more nerve endings there than anywhere
else in the body except the brain.)

We need peer reviewed research in order to make decisions.

Unfortunately, OS has none of that.

It’s based on:

1) Science extrapolated from other areas outside the fitness/
rehab/medical industries (uh, I mean, “fields”)


2) Anecdote – it worked for me, it works for them, it’ll work for
you. That of course was us simply hypothesizing, testing,
observing, measuring, and repeating the process on both
ourselves and our clients.

(Oh, wait – my bad – that’s the Scientific Method – so this
must be science…)

6. It doesn’t take long enough.

Unfortunately, there is no self-myofascial release,
core-stabilization training, dynamic stretching and other
movement prep to go along with OS.

It’s just OS.

Let’s face it – some people like taking between 15 and
45 minutes to warm up – excuse me – prepare for their

5 minutes is too short. Impossible too.

7. It’s can’t really be worth it – it’s too cheap to work.

I know – we sell the book on amazon for only $9.95. Most
really important and transformative books are at least
three times that price.

The really “smart” and technical ones – put a 6 or a 7 in
front of the OS price.

Not to mention our workshops.

WAY-Y-Y-Y too cheap.

After all, there are others out there – more precise, technical,
and complicated (that take longer too) that claim to do
the same thing – restore your natural and normal movement –

For WAY more money than we’re charging.


That gives me an idea…

Anyway, I get it.

We as humans equate price with value.

The more expensive something is, the more valuable it
MUST be.

Rolex v. Timex

I get it.

Speaking of watches – how about equating value with time?

What if I can provide a result faster than you can?

Shouldn’t I receive more compensation?

After all, I saved you TIME.

How much is that worth?

How much do you value your time?

How do you want to spend it?

After all, you only have an undetermined finite amount
of it.

Don’t you think then that something that saves you time is
equally as valuable, if not more so, then something that is
priced higher?

Think about it.

The thing that provides you the faster result should, logically
be more valuable, wouldn’t you agree?

Speaking of which – we still have 6 5 spots open for next
weekend’s Original Strength Workshop in Northfield (just
south of Minneapolis/St Paul), MN.

Here’s the link to register if you think Original Strength will
finally work for you.

Talk soon.


*This email was heavily-laden with sarcasm and satire. Hope
you could tell. :-)

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