The “Wipe Your B ___” list.

I was talking to one of my good friends a couple of years ago about his wife. He was frustrated because she had struggled her whole life with her weight.

His comment to me was, “She’ll spend an hour at night taking care of her face, putting on all that lotion and stuff. What about the rest of her body?”

I’m not sure why, in general, as a whole, we as a society view it as such a chore to exercise / train / workout – whatever you want to call it.

So many people just won’t do it.

Or if they do, they don’t commit to it.

They do it half-heartedly.

And they look for any excuse to not do it.

“Oh, my kid was late for school…”

“I had to work late…”

“My dog ate my homework…”

(Wait, that last one’s not right…)

The point is –

Exercise should be viewed as “body maintenance.”

It’s something that should be done every day.

Like brushing your teeth.

Or, and I know this sounds crass, but it drives the point home –

Wiping your butt.

You may skip or forget to brush your teeth, but I’ll bet dollars to donuts that you’ll never forget to wipe your butt.

As I heard one of my colleagues say almost 10 years ago,

“Exercise should go on the ‘Wipe Your Butt List’ – it’s something you do every day.”

Well said.

That’s why I recommend you do something every day.

I do.

Except Sundays. I usually take them off.


Sometimes I just do something really light – or just go for a walk.

Here’s the thing –

You can blow this off now and pay for it later (if you have the money) or you can take care of it now while you’re still relatively young and healthy.

Otherwise, you can bet you’ll end up in some nursing facility when you’re older with somebody else wiping your butt.

What do I recommend you do in the meantime?


Focus on your weak points, get them back up and running with the rest of your body so your entire body works well as a whole.

That’s why I put “Kettlebell 365” together.

It focuses on most people’s weak links, eliminates them, and then builds from there using a tested and true 4-stage cycle designed to keep you mentally engaged and physically stronger and more able, month after month after month.

Here’s more about it.

Talk soon.


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