The “Workman’s Approach” To KB Training

I’m in Vega$ this weekend.

Taking a class (love being a student) and got to thinking
about why so many people fail on KB programs.

Sometimes it’s the program.

For some reason, people become KB Instructors and
they just think they can throw exercises, sets and reps
at someone and “POOF!” – magic occurs.

Student/client/customer is “magically” leaner and stronger.

They think the “magic” is in the tool – the kettlebell.

As if just picking up a KB and doing swings, snatches,
get ups, etc will turn you into “Rock Hard,” the next
action hero or “GI Jane.”

Fortunately for you, (and unfortunately for those instructors),
there are predictable programming methods that yield
phenomenal results in fat loss, strength, whatever.

Follow those programs, and you’ll be golden.

But that’s not what I want to talk about today.

Wanted to talk about what’s going on internally.

Sometimes – many times – people get hooked up with a
solid program.

And then it’s NOT the program that fails.

It’s their internal dialogue.

Many times we (cause I’ve victimized myself with this
before) start something expecting to fail because we’ve
taken the wrong approach in the past and failed.

Not understanding that this time is truly different, we find
excuses to justify our expectations of failure.

We rely on and are guided by our emotions.

And we subconsciously look for ways to sabotage ourselves
to align our outcome with our internal dialogue – that we
are destined to fail.

Tough stuff to talk about – but someone’s gotta point it out.

Instead, you just need to trust the programming and focus
on the outcome NOT how you feel about the outcome.

You need to focus on the actual process.

Like a workman.

That’s the key – the “secret.”

You need to take a “Workman’s Approach.”

Show up.

Do the work.

Whatever it is.

Trust the process will yield the outcome you want.

Whether it’s actually the lifting part of the KB program.

Or the eating part of program.


Show up.

Do the work.

Divorce your emotions from your actions.

I’ll say that again because that’s critical –

Divorce your emotions from your actions.

When you take the Workman’s Approach, you’ll get the
results you want.



You HAVE to.

It’s simply the Law of the Harvest.



Again, simple.

The Workman’s Approach isn’t for everybody.

It’s only for people who hate the drama of fighting their
emotions and are ready to finally get results.

If that’s you, you’ll want to get a copy of “Kettlebell STRONG!”.

It’s the drama-free Workman’s Approach to double KB

Talk soon.


“Do the thing, have the power.” – Emerson

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