The Worst Freakin’ KB Workout Ever (Do NOT Do This!)

Sorry I didn’t get this out to you yesterday – my son
broke my computer. Had to take it to the Apple store
to get it fixed.

Anyway, I can’t believe some of the workouts I see
with the kettlebell.

It’s like adding a kettlebell to a crappy workout
suddenly makes it better – It doesn’t.

It just makes it a crappy workout with a kettlebell.

From curls, to some kind of weird looking get up
to circuits with seriously inverted work to rest ratios
in order to “feel the burn” –

There’s A LOT of junk out there.

(I’ll get to the worst one in a minute.)

I guess some working out is better than sitting on
your couch watching TV and drinking beer (sometimes)
but you and I know that we’re both past that by now.

Which brings me to


I’ve said this many times before, but it bears repeating.

Train, Don’t “Workout”

Big deal – what’s the difference you say?


It’s the difference between you actually achieving
your goal versus just getting sweaty and out of breath.

Many people fool themselves into thinking they
are actually reaching their goals by just “working

But they’re not going anywhere.

12 weeks later they’re still flabby and weak and
you know what, those kettlebells don’t work.

Like the old saying goes, “when you don’t know
where you’re going, any road will do.”

Which brings us to “training.”

What is “training?”

Think about it.

Boxers train for a fight.

In fact, all athletes train for their sport.

Training then is GOAL centered.

When you train, whether you use KBs or not, you
need to have a goal –

A CLEAR vision of where it is you want to end up.


I’ve got a big hairy audacious goal for my 40th
birthday coming up.

It’s got a time frame (3 weeks from today), and
there’s a number attached to it.

And my training revolves around hitting this goal.

Your workouts should to.

They should be moving your toward something –

A stronger Press, a smaller waist, more Snatches in
less time –

It doesn’t matter what it is as long as you have clearly
defined it and can see that you’re making progress
toward it.

But first, please, please, please don’t write to me
after this email and ask me what kind of workout
you should do.

It all depends on YOUR goal.

If your goal is to use your KBs to lose fat, then pick a
program – NOT a workout – that gets you to that goal.

(Here’s where I should shamelessly plug one of my
KB fat loss programs – but I’ll resist.)

Which brings me to another point –

A workout is just that – it’s a couple (or more) exercises
thrown together usually without any context.

Yeah, I get it – some of us are talking about our
workouts in the context of some greater program –

But many or more of us aren’t.

How ’bout you?

What runs through your head when you say “workout?”

Is it part of a greater goal, a larger well-defined, highly
focused plan?

Or are you just “working out” – which is synonymous
with spinning your wheels?

Which I guess is fine if spinning your wheels and checking
the box on your calendar is the goal.

If not, it’s time to take a real hard look – a really close
look at your workouts.

It’s time for you to get serious – to TRAIN for a very specific,
definable goal.

And yeah, look, I know that might seem stressful to have
to put that much planning into yet another area of your

But what’s more stressful – doing that and following something
or going year after year after year feeling disgusted with
yourself when you look in the mirror –

Not only because you’re tired of seeing the same darn
you, but also because you feel powerless to make any

Yeah, I know this is some heavy stuff. But dang it!

Life is too short to just go through the motions here!

Before I tell you how you can fix it, you want to know
what NOT to do, right?

Well that brings me back to that workout – the WORST
freakin’ KB workout of all time.

One of my clients has a gym membership and uses it
during the week. (We meet on Saturdays.)

She attended a KB class where the whole purpose of
the class was to beat them down – to completely
exhaust them.

They started warming up with burpees. Which really
meant 15 minutes of burpees.

(Seriously, that was their “warm up.”)

Then, for the next 45 minutes, the “instructor” literally
threw every exercise imaginable at them –

And between those exercises were sets of Swings.

– Cleans
– Walking Lunges
– Presses (LOTS of them)
– Rows
– High Pulls
– Windmills

At the end of the day, they did almost 400 Swings –
again, interspersed with all those other exercises.

I guess the only good part was that they didn’t do

My client actually tore the palm of her hand, which,
she has never done in 10 years of using KBs.

This workout is the perfect example of what KB training
has become – a beat down.

Something that let’s you prove that you’re “tough

You want to prove to yourself that you’re tough?

You want to know how to fix your workout problem
and not just go through the motions?

Here’s What You Do:

1. Write out your goals.
2. Follow a program that meets your goals.
3. Train when you’re supposed to, instead of doing
what you feel like – and see it through to the end.
4. Stick with it until you reach and achieve your goals.

That’s tough.

And that’s how you actualize your goals and change
your life.

Then you can say like Bobby Spencer, who shot me
this Facebook message last night –

“I just finished week 16 of Kettlebell Burn. It was disgustingly
challenging and I cursed your name (in my mind) with
each session. Usually, this would happen with the finishers.
Checking my log after each session revealed a true PR
every single workout. Bodyfat melted and flexibility
increased, too. I immediately ordered Kettlebell Express.”

This is training.

And THIS is the beginning of how you set yourself up
for a lifetime of unlimited success using your KBs.

But I bet you’re wondering, where EXACTLY do you

Glad you asked.

It’s the one place – the ONE thing that ALL of us could
spend more time focusing on.

It makes THAT much of a difference in the outcome
of all things KB.

And we’ll cover that next time.

That is, if you want to make the biggest impact in your
training in as little time possible.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend.


P.S. You may be wondering why it is I still continue
to send you “workouts” to do.

Great question. I’ll answer that next time.

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