The Worst Shoulder Injury I’ve Ever Witnessed…

If you’ve ever had shoulder pain, then you know it sucks.

Pressing sucks. Pulling sucks. Supporting your weight
on it sucks…

That is, if you can lift your arm at all…

When I was a college strength coach, one of the teams
I trained was the volleyball team.

One day during a team workout in the strength room, one
of the girls came up to me holding her right elbow with
her left hand and said,

“Geoff, I can’t lift my arm.”

“Whaddya mean?” I replied.

“I was just trying to do (I forgot what the exercise was) and
then I could suddenly no longer lift my arm.”

“Hmmm… What were you doing during practice today?”
I asked. (She was recovering from an ACL injury so she wasn’t
actually playing.)

“Coach had me serve a thousand times against the wall.”

“A THOUSAND times?!” I asked, stunned.

“Yeah, I’ve been doing it all week. It’s about the only thing
I can do since I can’t practice with the team cause of my

I had that sickening feeling in my gut cause I immediately
knew what had happened –

“Uhhh… Why don’t you go see the [athletic] trainer?”
I told her.

This poor girl had practically shredded her rotator cuff
tendons. (The MRI later revealed…)

You don’t want something like this to happen to you.

See there’s a pretty good chance that if you have shoulder
discomfort while working out, that it’ll soon turn into

And that pain could potentially turn into something much
worse, like a forced layoff and a trip to your friendly
neighborhood orthopedic surgeon –

Which I guess is fine if you think he really needs that
new set of golf clubs…

So the question then becomes, how do you keep from
sliding down this this slippery slope yourself?

One of my friends, Mike Westerdal, a powerlifter with a
legit 600lbs bench was having some issues with his shoulder
and got hooked up with another guy I know, Rick Kaselj.
(I told you about Rick last week.)

Long story short: Rick helped Mike fix his shoulder and
get him back to the big weights.

Here’s why that’s important for you:

Rick and Mike have just put out a program that’s really going
to help you out.

It’s called, “Fix My Shoulder Pain” and they are stupidly in my
ever-so-humble opinion, giving the thing away for less than
20 bucks.

I actually took the time to review the whole program, cause as
you know, I’m such an “exercise snob” that I rarely promote
other people’s stuff.

I’ve gotta tell you that the information inside is worth 10 times
what they’re charging.

In fact, I’m 95% certain that what you’re getting inside “Fix My
Shoulder Pain” you’d never get at a traditional physical therapy

(Well, you’d probably get one of the exercises and a variation
of another and then a bunch of useless stuff. Remember, my wife
is a PT, so I’ve got an insider’s perspective into that world…)

Not only that, but you’d pay at least 20 bucks for your co-pay
to see your PT or Chiro and that’s for just ONE visit. And we
ALL know that it’s NEVER just one visit…

Get “Fix My Shoulder Pain” here for less than a Co-Pay.

Now you may not have heard of Rick, but plenty of others
have. He’s given over 315 live presentations across the US and
Canada (eh?) to over 6065 health and fitness pros so he’s no
newbie trying to make a fast buck with his program.

In fact, at less than 20 bucks, apparently Rick isn’t in this for the
money at all, unlike much of the junk I see coming across my

He’s actually on a mission to help people cure they’re nagging
shoulder pain with his new “SR3 Method,” which is why I agreed
to promote his “Fix My Shoulder Pain” program.

Here’s where you can fix your shoulder pain.

Of course, you could be like that volleyball player and keep
pushing through, toughing it out, and eventually end up with
a MAJOR injury which will keep you from working out for a long,
long time – maybe ever.

But I know you’re smarter than that.

Grab your copy of “Fix My Shoulder Pain” here while it’s still
only $20.

Talk soon.


P.S. The volleyball player had to have reconstructive surgery
on her shoulder. And unfortunately, that was the end of her volleyball

All because she was pushing through the pain. Don’t let something
like this happen to you.

Fix your shoulder issues here.

P.P.S. If you’re on the fence about this, Rick and Mike are only
giving this away for less than $20 til Thursday. So if you snooze
you lose…

Get “Fix My Shoulder Pain” here.

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