The Worst Thing About Kettlebell Workouts…

I just got back late last night from our first one day “Becoming
Bulletproof” workshop. We stayed an extra day and hung out
with Mike Perry. If you live near Boston, go see Mike for your
KB fine-tuning and any other issues you may have.

“Wicked Smaht” is Mike. Class Act too.

Anyway, probably the most amazing thing about the workshop
besides seeing people move better and maintain that high
quality movement after 8 hours, was to see the “a-ha” moments –
to see the light bulbs go on.

Learning how to move again – to recapture lost movement is
really, really simple. NOWHERE near as hard as some people
want you to believe.

And the really great thing about that is that it allows you to do
the things you love to do.

(Hold on – I’ll get to the KBs in a minute – you’ll see how this
all ties in.)

I started using BB because of my son. I wanted to be fully
engaged in his life – to be able to run around, roll around, jump
up and down, and do whatever it is that he wants to do.

It was really cool cause I got to meet Derek at the workshop
and that was the only thing he wanted to do – he was working
out so he had the energy and strength to play with his kids and
be the best dad he could be to them.

And he came to BB cause he was looking for SIMPLE.


And isn’t that one of the reasons you got into kettlebell training?

It was simple. And the results were promised to be fast.

You didn’t have to spend a lot of time doing them like traditional

And at first, if you’re like me, you probably saw some pretty
good results.

Yet somehow, somewhere along the way, we got sidetracked.

We started trying out “new stuff” for whatever reason.

Or adding our old stuff back in…

And the simple promise of fast and simple (but not necessarily
easy) was lost. Our workouts moved from “Swing to a
comfortable stop” to an hour of MetCon or something crazy
like that.

Or worse yet, you have to do all these fancy “moves” within
your kettlebell exercises each and every time you do them.

How did that happen?

Honestly, I don’t know.

And that’s the worst thing about kettlebell workouts these days.

Somehow, we’ve accepted the lie that if our workouts aren’t
a certain duration or don’t have a certain number of exercises
or don’t make us end up lying in a pool of our own sweat
that they aren’t “working” or worse yet – worth doing.

The fact of the matter is – we all got into KB training because
we wanted something more out of life – and the kettlebells
promised that to us.

Maybe it was to help fix your aching lower back.

Or maybe it was to “melt fat without the dishonor of aerobics.”

Or maybe cause you were sick of the gym scene and wanted
to work out at home.

Whatever it was, it promised to make our lives better.

And then it got all mucked up – workouts got complicated and

And we have found ourselves either frustrated and just punching
the clock, hoping, praying we’ll see results, or we’ve just thrown
up our hands in frustration and put the things down altogether.

One more gadget or piece of equipment gathering dust.

The good news is you can get those original feelings back
again – and you can accomplish your goals.

Kettlebell workouts are supposed to “add” to your life, not
take from it.

You can get everything you expected out of your kettlebell
workouts when you first started doing them by doing simple,
short, but well designed workouts.

I’m talking 60-90 minutes per week.

Take a look at these.

Start doing them and start re-experiencing the hope and
the joy you had when you first started using KBs.

Talk soon.


P.S. Speaking short and simple – if you have the book
“Becoming Bulletproof” – you may want to learn some of the
regressions we’ve discovered to make the drills even better.

They’re really simple, take very little time to implement, and
make a big difference in your kettlebell work. We’re holding
our last workshop of the year November 10th in Chicago.

Unfortunately, there are only 2 spots left.

So, if this is the first you heard about it, or if you’ve been on
the fence about coming, I’d register right now so you don’t
miss out.

Reserve your spot here –

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