These 3 Unconventional Ab Exercises Made My Swings Effortless!

…and they flattened out my stomach!

Yeah, weird, I know, but true.

If you’re not doing any “flexion work” (bringing
your sternum to your pelvis) and you’re only
doing isometric work (like Planks, side bridges,
etc) then eventually your stomach will look like
mine did –


Here are 3 exercises I did which incidentally
flattened my stomach and more importantly –

Put the *POP* back in my Swings and Snatches.

1. L-Sit/Seat Chins

I wrote about these last summer, but having
to do a Chin up with your legs straight out
and parallel to the floor is no joke!

They make your abs work big time!

Not to mention your lats!

I’ll do these for sets of 3 to 5 with a
hold at the top.

2. L-Sit/Seat Parallel Dips

Yeah, good ol’ fashioned parallel dips like
bodybuilders do – only with a twist.

I do my Dips with my legs straight and as
parallel to the ground as I can get them.
(They sag sometimes, but my abs are still

I’ll do these for sets of 5-10, sometimes
with a pause at the bottom of the dip.

3. Tuck Sit/Seat Parallel Dips

When I can no longer hold the “L” or feel
low on energy or need a change of pace or
am having a particularly hard time holding
the “L”.

Simply pull your knees to your chest, and
squeeze them together.

Now do your Dips.

Don’t let your knees fall below parallel
with your hips! This takes the stress off
your abs.

Just like the L-Sit/Seat Parallel Dips
I’ll do these for sets of 6-10.

For extra “fun”, I’ll superset the Chins
and Dips.


Try pairing one or both of these with your
Swings and see if you don’t have more *POP*
in your Swing too.

Subbbing one of these in one of the “Total
Body Smoker” programs in “Kettlebell Express!”
would be a great idea.

Talk soon.


P.S. If you need some short, stress-relieving
kettlebell workouts get a copy of “Kettlebell
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