This Amazes Me How Many People STILL Don’t Get This… (QUASI-RANT)

You know, I’m on a lot of fitness newsletter lists.

I just like to stay in touch with what’s going on “out there.”

And honestly, some stuff is “out there.”

The marketing is off the hook – really just outrageous

Everything is “easy.”

And “not your fault.”

I get it.

We all want it now with as little effort as possible.

And no one is to blame.

And so no one takes responsibility for their actions.

And unfortunately, because of this, no one gets the results
they’re looking for

And then they’re stuck in the endless “fitness marketing

Here’s the deal:

The best way to lose fat is to -

1) Accept responsibility for you actions.

It is YOUR fault that you’re overweight.

If that statement just shocked you then you definitely need
to keep reading.

And yes, I know, not a popular message in today’s society
where everyone is a “victim.”

But no one forced you to eat those donuts, that pizza, and
that chocolate.

Sure, you may have “felt” a certain way, but at the end of the
day, it was YOUR choice. No one tied you to a chair and
shoved those extra calories down your throat.

When you finally relent and say to yourself –

“Yep, this is all self-inflicted and I can and will take care
of it” –

You set yourself free.

2) Focus on strength first

Everyone wants fat loss to be easy and everyone wants
it to be now.

And the marketing lies have perpetuated our desires.

Unfortunately, you didn’t gain those extra 20-50 pounds
over night and you’re not going to lose them overnight.

At least not with some serious effort on your part.

And where should that effort be directed?

On gaining strength – or getting stronger.

Not on jumping around up and down to a timer like some
ADD kid who’s had 3 cans of Coke too many.


Because when you focus on getting stronger you:

– Focus on moving well instead of just getting the reps in
so you won’t get injured

And more importantly –

And this is basic physiology 101 not marketing hype –

– When you focus on getting stronger by creating tension
and lifting heavier weights – your body uses more energy
because it uses the muscle fibers that demand the most
energy – the type 2b fibers.

The cool thing about that is you can actually get “huffy
and puffy” (out of breath) by lifting heavy weights and
focusing on good technique.

And the really cool thing is that kettlebells make this much
easier than just about any other tool out there so you’re
one step ahead of the rest of the population.

If you want to liberate yourself from the endless fitness
marketing hype – do yourself a favor and grab your copy
of “Kettlebell STRONG!” today.

Combine it with a sensible diet and watch the fat melt off
your body. You won’t be able to help it – it’s just plain old

Oh yeah, when you get your copy of “Kettlebell STRONG!”
today, I’ll send you a copy of a really simple diet plan that
lots of people have had success with called “The 24 Hour
Just send me a copy of your receipt.

Talk soon.


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