This Exercise Should Be BANNED.

Not only is it bad for your shoulders, but it’s also bad for
your neck too.

I can’t believe I used to do them all the time when I was
in college.

Man, the things you can get away with when you’re young…

If you’ve ever had shoulder pain, it may have been from
doing one of these 5 exercises.

You’ll discover all 5 in this FREE video series – “The 5
Worst Exercises For Your Shoulders” – when you take
this short 4 question quiz on exercise technique.

(Exercise #3 in the quiz should be banned outright, IMHO.)

Not only that, you’ll learn how to modify them to make
them safe for your shoulders.

Speaking of quizzes, I had to actually think for a minute
about question #4 cause I’m using this one right now
with one of my clients overcoming a case of rotator cuff

It may stump you too.

Take the quiz here and get your free video series at the
end called, “The 5 Worst Exercises For Your Shoulders
And How To Fix Them.”

Today is the last day you can get it for free – maybe at all.



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