This Guy Lost 17 Pounds In 11 Days… WITHOUT Swings… WTH???!!!

Happy Weekend Amigo/a!

I live in a weird melding of worlds I gotta tell ya…

One of my good friends introduced me to this ex-pro
BMX racing guy not too long ago – someone who is pretty
much the exact opposite of me.

But I really liked his “style” and we hit it off pretty
well, primarily because he’s funny as h*ll and I really
appreciate that in people.

Anyway, as you know, I’ve spent the last year or so
radically altering my eating habits and I’ve dropped
about 25 pounds pretty effortlessly.

Well this guy – Ryan – has a special report where he
shows you how you can drop nearly that much (17lbs)
in only 11 days.

Yeah, I called “B.S.” on that too – until I read the report.

It’s really very good.

He goes into the EXACT details of the foods he ate,
the workouts he did, and the supplements he took.

And here’s the weird part – he didn’t do any Swings
or do any kettlebells at all!

(His mistake!)

So I’m betting if you toss 2 days of longer sets
of Swings in there – like 30s on, 30s off, for about
20 minutes, you could burn off more than he did.

(Sub in the Swings where you see the workouts
on Tuesday AM and Thursday AM in Ryan’s report.)

Anyway, the only reason I’m recommending Ryan’s
Report, called “The Atom Bomb Diet” (lol) is because
some of his mechanisms that he recommends are
identical to mine.

You should check it out – it’s free.

Talk soon.


P.S. I should warn you, some of Ryan’s techniques
are extreme so be careful. You can skip some of that
stuff and still see some good results I’m betting.

P.P.S. No, I haven’t tried his diet myself because I’m
too darn light right now as it is – I’m on my way up, not

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