This Hard As H#Ll KB Combo Builds Amazing Strength

Sorry about not getting an email out to you
yesterday – been working like a dog here
to get some new stuff to you that’s going to
revolutionize your KB training.

I’ve been running headfirst into all sorts of
obstacles, but still making progress.

Speaking of progress, I wanted to show you
how to make exceptional progress in total
body strength just from all the info we’ve
covered so far in the videos.

Here they are again in case you’ve missed
any of them:




Strength, as you know by now (hopefully)
is the foundation for everything else you do.

The stronger you can make your body
the easier everything else becomes in

(Including fat loss and conditioning –
that’s why understanding this is so

So here’s what you’re going to do –

You’re going to apply what you learned
in the Front Squat and the Clean and
put the two together in a “chain.”

That means you’ll do a Double Clean
and then a Front Squat for however
many reps you see.

So if you see 3 reps, you’ll do a

Clean + Front Squat + Clean + Front
Squat + Clean + Front Squat.

Give this a shot:

Double Clean + Front Squat

Ladders 3, 4, 5
Use a pair of moderately heavy bells
Do as many ladders as you can in 20

That’s right – “easy.”

Who are we kidding? It’s hard as h#ll!

It’ll challenge every muscle in your body –
especially your abs – you have to keep
them tensed and breathe “behind the shield.”

(Stronger Abs = Stronger Body)

Not only that, but it’ll have you breathing
pretty hard too.

(Met Con anyone?)

Don’t let the simplicity of it fool you.

Nor the short duration – not if you use the
right sized bells.

And yep – you will probably have to narrow
your stance after every Clean so you can
squat – no big deal.



P.S. You know what I LOVE about this
type of workout?

Not only does it make you strong, but you
don’t need to “cardio” at all when doing
it. It’s built in.

It’s a one-stop-shop of efficiency.

I’m going to show you how you can do this
with all your double KB lifts in the upcoming

In the meantime, if you want more super-
efficient and challenging (and short) double
KB workouts, get your copy of “Kettlebell
Express! ULTRA” while it’s still on sale –

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