This Is CRAZY Strong!

Happy Sunday to you!

I know I normally don’t email you on Sundays, but
I forgot to tell you about this last week.

The strongest man I know is a quiet Southern

You may have heard of him.

He holds quite a few records in the Guiness Book of
World Records.

If you know anything about hand strength, you may
have heard of him.

And if you have a rope that you work out with, then you
owe this guy a big “thank you” – cause he invented
the system.

I’m of course talking about John Brookfield, whom I
am honored to call a mentor.

(Thank you, John!)

I spent a day with John at his home last July where he
literally showed me the ropes and a bunch of his other

I swear I got stronger just by being in his presence and
by watching some of the things he does.

Truly amazing.

Anyway, John is on track (literally) to smash yet another
World Record.

And he’s doing it for a good cause – to help out kids with
disabilities at Kopper Top Life Learning Center.

And I KNOW for a fact that by just watching him you would
learn something about getting stronger.

Here’s what he’s up to – check it out.

By the way, make sure you scroll to the bottom of the page
and watch the video of John and his new training system –
it’s just crazy.

It’s WAY harder than it looks and you will build some
serious strength if you start using it.

Check out John’s upcoming World Record attempt and
his new training system here.

Talk soon.


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