This Is What’s Wrong With Kettlebells

You know, I’m just going to come out and
say this because no one else will –

Kettlebell training has become too complicated.

There – I said it.

I don’t know about you, but I was first attracted
to kettlebells for their simplicity.

I saw them as a way for my clients to get the
kind of results in strength, endurance, power,
and how they looked as I did with the Olympic

And they did.

Then something happened.

We started putting all these “rules” on kettlebell

And I’m not sure why.

Yeah, I know it was done with the best of
intentions, but you know what they say about
the Road to Hell, right?

Look, the easiest way to get results is to
reverse engineer what the best do then do
your best to model that, ok?

(That’s what we do in the RKC.)

Here’s a really good example that will yield
you some phenomenal results all round –

(Which I’m currently using with one of my
clients with great success.)

I think it was Pavel who said that some units
of Spetsnaz – the Russian / Soviet Special
Forces – used a pair of 24kg kettlebells and
performed sets of high rep Clean and Jerks for
their PT.

And by high reps, I mean like sets of 30.

And it was all they needed.

As a former Olympic lifter, I can attest to what
Clean & Jerks do for your body.


In ALL aspects.

So all you have to do is start using a pair of
kettlebells – I don’t care what size, or even if
they’re the same size, and start doing Clean
& Jerks.

If you can’t do Jerks, just do Push Presses.

No big deal.

Now, what if you’re not sure of the technique?

Well that’s a different story altogether.

You have three options then:

1. Read about it.

2. Watch a dvd or youtube video about it.

3. Learn in person from someone who knows
what the heck they’re doing.

Number 3 of course is your smartest option.

It’s also the one that will get you results the


Two words:

Instant Feedback.

Here’s the best way to get your Instant Feedback.

Talk soon.


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