This ONE Thing Solves EVERYTHING (And Makes You Harder To Kill)

As I look around on the fitness landscape – including
ye olde cattleball one too, I still notice something

People are still doing stupid things in the name of
fitness or working out.

Probably the two dumbest things I see are the following:

1. Beating themselves into oblivion chasing the good
“work out” feeling.

I once had a client who was a PITA who insisted that
she feel “tired” and like she had a good “workout” even
though we were training to get her stronger. (Improve her
Pull Up numbers, her Press, and her Pistol.)

Stupid. Didn’t matter how I tried to explain it to her,
she was beyond reasoning with. Needless to say,
we didn’t train together for much longer after that.

2. Focusing an incessant amount of time on “correctives”

Somehow – and this isn’t the way it was intended to be
the “powers that be” – corrective exercise has become an
end in and of itself.

People are spending so much time “correcting” things
that are losing track of the main thing – their goal.

They’re losing sight of the proverbial forrest for the trees.

(It’s ok, I’ve been there, done that, so I’m not condemning
anyone here.)

You know what will help with both of those problems?

You probably won’t believe it – it’s SO simple.

Here it is:


That’s it.

Strength Coach Mark Rippetoe has a great quote:

“Stronger people are harder to kill.”

I LOVE that.

We’re tougher and more resilient than those who aren’t.

The funny thing is that when you train for strength you
automatically “feel” like you got a good workout.

And a lot of your weaknesses disappear, without wasting
time whispering sweet nothings to your foam roller.

Which begs a question:

How do you know if you’re getting stronger?


Your numbers will go up.

You’ll lift heavier kettlebells.

You’ll lift the same kettlebells for more reps.

You’ll get more work done in the same or less time.

Yes, it really is THAT simple.

I just got an email from one of my customers using one of
my advanced programs, which focuses on pushing your numbers
up, who said –

“A side effect of training front squats like this: my rotary
core stability is rock solid now. Half kneeling positions
are testing terrific after months of instability following my
knee surgery.”

How ’bout that?

Focusing on strength and everything – including his “workouts”
are getting better.

And do you know why else he’s seeing those kinds of

Cause he’s dialed in and focused on following ONE program.
And he’s following it to its conclusion. In its entirety.

Imagine what you could do – what kind of “workout you could
get” and what weaknesses you could eliminate by just focusing
on STRENGTH – and following just ONE program – through it’s

I’m betting your results would be better than good.

Talk soon.


P.S. Getting stronger isn’t about how you “feel” – although it’s
nice to feel great – it’s about what you can measure.

Use these programs to measure and see your strength increase.

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