This Simple Ab Exercise Immediately Strengthens ALL KB Exercises…

I don’t know how I stumbled onto this exercise, all I
know is that I’m glad I did.

I’ve written about it before, but I was once again
reminded of it this weekend while training one of
my long-time clients.

There’s something “magical” about it.

I guess it’s just cause you can’t “hide” from it – when
you do it right, it just makes your abs work “automatically.”

And the really cool thing is that it seems to provide
instant strength and stability to every single KB exercise
I’ve tested it on.

Yeah, you read that correctly – EVERY one.

It’s the humble “L-Seat” or “L-Sit” if you prefer.

It has many regressions and variations, but the one I
think is the easiest to get started is just putting your
hands on two chairs and lifting your legs off the
ground keeping them straight out in front of you.

If you can. :-)

The “secret” is to actively push your hands down thru
the chairs.

This activates your lats and serratus, stabilizes your
your lower back and hips so your abs can work.

Don’t worry if you can’t keep your legs straight. Most
people can’t when they first get started.

Move into the “Tuck-seat” or “Tuck-sit” regression instead.

Simply bend your knees and pull them up into your
chest keeping your knees squeezed together.

Hold these for 5 to 10 seconds.

Eventually progress to 30 and even 60 seconds.

Superset these with 2H Swings for an amazing workout.

When you do, you’ll really feel your hip-snap on your
Swings get nice and crisp.

That of course will transfer over to your other KB exercises.

There are some other fantastic ab exercises you can
include in with your Swing workouts that will make the
rest of your KB exercises stronger too.

Some of them can be found in the program “Total Body
Smoker” from “Kettelbell Express!”

Talk soon.


P.S. Stronger abs mean a stronger body. You can actually
get a stronger body by doing LESS work than you think –
that’s why I put together “Kettlebell Express!” for you –

So you can get a stronger body in less time than you
thought possible.

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