This Simple Exercise Made This Big Guy Quiver, Shake, And Sweat…

True story.

I’m co-presenting at the Summit of Strength last month
with my good buddy Brett Jones.

We were covering how to use bodyweight exercises to make
your kettlebell exercises better – stronger.

One of the guys there, who I won’t name, PR’d with a
56kg C+P while he was there. He’s also C+P’d a pair
of Beasts for 3 reps.

So, yeah, he’s a Beast himself.

Big, strong guy.

We were covering some specific abdominal work – and
I introduced some of the regressions we’ll be covering
in the upcoming Becoming Bulletproof workshop and this
big guy was quivering –

Shaking – like a jello mold in an earthquake.

And sweating too like he’d just done a snatch test or

He and I were both amazed.

When he asked what was going on, it was simple – he had
lost some of, if not most of, his reflexive core stability.

I’d walked that road ahead of him, so I knew exactly how
he felt at that moment – shaky and sweaty – and incredulous.

I mean, how can you press these big weights and be so
weak in the middle?



And there are a lot of programs and certs out there that
claim to help you remove your compensations and perform
like an athlete.

And they do it through complicated (and EXPENSIVE!)
joint mobility work.

You do all this JM work to supposedly get rid of your
compensations and then “learn how to move” again.

It’s all very complicated, time-consuming, and “precise.”

But the truth is, getting rid of your body’s compensations
so you can perform at your peak potential is very, very

In fact, you already know how to do it. You just have
to be “taught” how to “remember” how to do it.

It’s easy.

And it’s fun.

Especially when you see your results come so quickly.

Like the Big Guy did.

He and I did the ol’ Facebook PM the other day. He’s
feeling and performing stronger already.

He’d implemented some of the BB regressions he learned
at the Summit and hit a PR (personal record) with a
pair of 32s on the See-Saw Press – something ridiculous
like 16 each side!

Now that’s strong!

Register now for the upcoming Becoming Bulletproof
workshop in Boston, MA and Tim and I will show you these
simple, easy, fun (but challenging) regressions that will
help you regain your reflexive core stability and eliminate
your movement compensations.

Here’s where you do it.

But hurry – we had a flurry of registrations over the
weekend and space is running out.

Talk soon.


P.S. The Becoming Bulletproof system, including the
regressions – which you’ll learn at our upcoming workshop,
are so astoundingly simple, and work so fast, you’ll wonder
why you’ve been wasting your time with all this complicated
stuff that’s been marketed to you. I know I did.

Register here while there are still some spots left.

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