Time-Efficient DIETING? (C’mon, Really??)

I remember it like it was yesterday…

I was sitting in Chemistry class next to my girlfriend (who’s now my wife) doing post-graduate work.

She was on my left and I rolled over my left arm and said, “Look…”

“Ewwwww…” she responded.

I had all kinds of veins sticking out of my arm.

Shoot, my veins had veins.

It was the leanest I’d ever been – the bioelectrical impedance device said 3.3%. (It was probably more like 6 or 7%, but still…)
That was March of 1996.

However, it was challenging, to say the least, and not something I’d recommend doing for the “everyday” Joe or Jane.

Here’s why:

I was eating 6 meals one day, 5 the next, on a cycle.

I logged every single gram of food.

I kid you not –

I had a notebook and I wrote down things like the following:

– 2 scoops whey protein 50g P, 6g C, 3g F
– 1 cup oatmeal 6g P, 52g C, 5g F
– 1/2 Tbsp flax oil 7g F
TOTAL 56g P, 58g C, 15g F

And that would be just one meal.

Now do that 6 times a day.

I’d pre-cook my food, cut up my chicken and meat into cubes, and put it into tupperware.

Rice was put into tupperware and stored in the fridge, next to the salsa, which is a virtually calorie-free way to add taste to any meal. (The downside is that every meal becomes Mexican food.)

And finally, every part of each meal was measured either with a measuring cup or measuring spoon or a kitchen scale.

Again, 5 or 6 times a day.

That’s fine when you’re single, I guess, which I was at the time, but honestly, there’s no way in H-E-double hockey sticks you’d catch me doing that now.

I just don’t have the time (let alone the desire).

It takes too much durn time.

And, I think there are better ways to accomplish similar end results.

That’s why I came up with The 24 Hour Diet.


It’s literally an eating program – a lifestyle, that fits in with your body’s natural rhythms – your circadian rhythms.

Here’s how it works:

See, during the day, your body is dominated by your sympathetic nervous system – responsible for “fight or flight.”

And that means, your in “hunting” mode –

Or in today’s day and age – “productivity mode.”

Which is why you crash when you get to the office after you had that bowl of cereal, banana, and orange juice for breakfast and need another cup of coffee when you get there.

Your blood sugar went up – WAY up – quickly.

Then came hurtling down like a roller coaster on that first drop at an amusement park.

It also explains why you need another cup of coffee around 10 o’clock.

And why, after that “healthy” sandwich on multi-grain bread and piece of fruit at lunch you also crash – and need yet another cup o’ Joe.

Your body doesn’t need to eat during the day.

In fact, it’s wired to need very little food – instead – feeding off stored body fat.

However, when you eat a standard American / Western breakfast and a similar lunch, you’re not only shutting down the fat-burning processes, (there are more than one going on – from enzyme production to hormone secretion…) –

You’re actively putting your body into “fat-storing” mode.

And that explains why no matter how many Swings you do, and how “healthy” you seem to eat, you’re not making the progress you expect to be making.

And why as a result, you feel frustrated, like it doesn’t matter what you do, because you’re not going to get the results you’re looking for… yet again.

The Truth is, if you’re going to eat, it has to be the right kind of food in the right amount.

Otherwise, you bump your body out of “fat-burning mode.”

So When Are You Supposed To Eat??

Great question.

When most people normally want to eat – Dinner.

Think about it –

Most people, probably you too (I know I do), enjoy sitting down with their family for a nice big meal.

Not some pathetic little salad or some other diet food nonsense like that.

Why is that?

Because later in the day, your body shifts into “rest and digest” mode – driven by your parasympathetic nervous system.

It’s why you get tired in the evening (if you’re not sabotaging yourself during the day by putting yourself into “fat-storing mode”).

And it’s natural.

After a hard day’s work, you just want to relax and unwind, right?

Of course you do.

It’s literally the way you’re designed – part of your body’s natural, normal, and healthy programming.

And it’s the way the world ate for millennia – from the Greeks and Romans, up through the middle ages, until the Industrial Revolution…

Very little during the day, relax and eat big at night, when the sun goes down and the work day is done.

Doesn’t sitting down to a big dinner and eating until your satisfied sound good to you – natural to you?

Of course it does.

And you’re meant to be able to do it guilt free.

How is this possible?

Just as I’ve been describing –

Eat very little during the day – just the right foods in the right amounts to keep you in “fat burning mode,” saving up your calories for your dinner.

It’s that simple.

It’s the most Time Efficient method of dieting ever “invented.”

Here’s How This Is Going To Work For You…

Today, you’ll plan out a big dinner –

Some kind of meat, fish or chicken, maybe a baked potato or two, and some of your favorite vegetables, sautéed in delicious grass-fed butter.

And not a little cut of meat either.

Nope, we’re talking about somewhere between 8 and 16 ounces.

And then, on your way home from work, you’ll make a 5 minute detour to your local grocery store to grab the 4 items you’ll need for the Magic Formulas found in The 24 Hour Diet.

These are the foods you’ll eat during the day that will take the edge off your hunger – and more importantly, keep you in the fat-burning zone.

You’ll head home, cook up your dinner, sit down with your loved ones, and ENJOY!

Tomorrow morning you’ll wake up, make your AM Formula, which takes all of a whopping 2 to 5 minutes, sit down with your favorite newspaper, and get your morning started.

You can choose to use the AM Formula during the day or go with the PM Formula –

Either of which being the most time efficient way I know to take the edge off hunger and still stay in the fat-burning zone.

How long does the PM Formula take you might be wondering?

How long does it take you to open a wrapper?

Yeah, seriously, that long.

Best part is, if you’re out and about, you can take the PM Formula with you.

Dieting – that is – creating a lifestyle to get the lean, strong, healthy body you’ve always wanted, doesn’t have to be complicated.

You don’t have to measure every single bite of your food.

You don’t have to record every single gram or ounce in a food journal.

And you don’t have to restrict yourself and feel like a social outcast when sitting down to dinner with family or friends.

The Truth is, when you work with your body, letting it work efficiently during the day in “fight or flight” mode – in “fat burning” mode – you can and will get leaner by the day.

The Truth is, when you work with your body, letting it “rest and digest” efficiently in the evenings and at night, by feeding it when it’s ready to eat, you will be satisfied and full, reducing your cravings.

The 24 Hour Diet works with your body and it’s natural rhythms empowering you to get the lean, strong body you always wanted.

It’s on sale this week only.

There is no sales page – been too busy watching my kids – (LONG story).

When you click this link, you’ll be taken directly to the shopping cart. Then to the confirmation page. Then to the access page.

Get your copy of The 24 Hour Diet here.

Talk soon.


PS – I’ve never put The 24 Hour Diet on sale before. And I most likely won’t again.

If you want the most time-efficient way to eat to lose fat and get the lean, strong, and healthy body you’ve always wanted, then I strongly suggest you pick up your copy of The 24 Hour Diet here.

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