Tired Of Long Warm Ups Or…

… doing a bunch of corrective exercise that doesn’t
seem to be working for you?

Or maybe doing a bunch of joint mobility work chasing
dysfunctions and compensations around your body?

You know – one day your shoulder isn’t working the
way it should be – so you do a “precision” drill which
seems to “fix” your issue only to wake up the next
day with something else?

I know EXACTLY how you feel.

I spent from 2002-2005 trying to rehab my back – I wore
out so many foam rollers I lost count. I think I even hurt
my PVC pipe!

Not only that, but no matter how often I stretched my
hip flexors they remanded chronically tight.

At one point, my “warm up” was about 40-45 minutes:

1. Self Myofascial Release with the foam roller: 10-15 mins
2. Dynamic Stretching: 5-10 mins
3. Core Activation/stability work: 10 mins
4. Balance work: 10 minutes

And then I was “finally” ready to get under the bar or bells.

Then from 2006 thru 2009 I looked like that kid in class
who couldn’t sit still – cause I was constantly mobilizing one
joint or another to get my busted hips working again.

(Yeah all that foam roller and corrective exercise really
helped – helped me tear the labrums in both hips.)

Here’s the really CRAZY thing about all that.

That still took about 15 minutes before I was ready to go
and I never really was. I’d have to stop between sets of
whatever because something felt “off.”

“Off” is the correct word indeed.

Something was off –

My core stability was offline and I almost blew out my
back squatting!

Then in late 2009 I started down another path with the
help of one of my good friends.

I started getting my core stability back and my hips started
feeling better, but I was back to that long warm up thing

And something just didn’t feel right.

Then I “found” this.

Now my “warm ups” are 5 minutes, sometimes 10 if I need
to decompress from my day.

And the best part?

I’d say I have ZERO physical limitations at this point and
I’m making PRs in my training again.

Would you like to cut your warm ups down to virtually

Or how about eliminating your physical limitations once
and for all?

Or maybe, just maybe start setting some new PRs once
again – like you did when you were younger?

Here’s where you stop dreaming and answer those
questions once and for all.

Talk soon.


P.S. Because of this, I no longer use or need the foam roller.

I no longer use dynamic stretching.

I no longer do any sort of “core activation” work.

I no longer do any sort of joint mobility whatsoever.

I’m not unique. I have plenty of conversations with others who
use this who are experiencing the exact same things.

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