Top 12 Foods To OVEREAT On… (No KB Workouts Required)

I had to stay up later than normal on Saturday night.

No, not to watch the latest episode of Saturday Night Live. (It’s hardly funny anymore.)

The truth is, I ate too much. WAY too much for dinner.

I had a burrito that weighed close to 2 pounds.

After that, I had half a 16-inch pepperoni pizza.

And an hour later, I had a caramel filled chocolate cupcake and 3 chocolate chip cookies polished off with not one, but two glasses of whole milk.

(I think it was the milk that did me in.)

As a result, I could barely move. The last thing I wanted to do was lie down.

So I stayed up for about an hour and watched part of some documentary on Buddhist monks who lived with tigers.

When I finally did climb into bed, I passed out.


It was the best night’s sleep I’d had in awhile.

The other truth is, I love to eat.

Especially good food – and even junk food.

Unfortunately, we both know that you can’t do that every day.

Until now.

In fact, one savvy French Chef in South Florida has discovered how you can OVEREAT your favorite foods and still lose weight. He’s created over 100 recipes that show you how, and to prove it to you (because I know you’re skeptical), he’s even giving away copies of his fat-burning cookbook.

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Chef Gui, who you will meet when you click the link above, is giving you recipes for the top 12 foods to overeat for weight loss, including…


… And Dozens More!

In this FREE cookbook, you’ll discover how to turn delicious comfort foods into fast fat-burning meals that everyone will love – and all while still allowing you to lose weight.

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By the way, Chef Gui Alinat is also the father of five kids. In his house, they have a STRICT food budget, and so he’ll show you how to magically transform your favorite, filling comfort foods into fat burning meals without requiring fancy, expensive ingredients – or sacrificing taste.

The end result is that you’ll finally start dropping body fat faster than ever while loving every bite you put in your mouth.

Claim your free copy of the Eat More Burn More cookbook

Eat more food to burn more fat?

You can now.



PS – As crazy as this sounds, you don’t even have to do extra KB workouts to make these recipes work for you.

Or any KB workouts for that matter.

Although you will speed up the fat-losing process when you combine your KB workouts with these fat-burning recipes.

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