Top 3 Kettlebell Workout Design Rules (You Following These?)

Yesterday I said I’d share some program design
“rules” or principles with you so you could build
your own kettlebell workouts.

Here are the top 3 – or at least the top 3 that I use.

Why “only” three?

Why not?

Why make this more complicated than it needs to

Plus, it’s hard to forget “just” three, right?

1. Progress from simple to complex

For example, start with the 2 hand swing, then progress
to the 1 hand swing, then the hand-to-hand swing.


Get your swing down before you learn the snatch.

It’s really about building your “technique foundation.”

Speaking of technique, that brings us to rule #2 –

2. Fatigue degrades technique

Most people are in a rush to get a “killer” workout.

The problem is, the less rest you have, the easier it is
to loss your technique. And the easier it is to get injured.

Therefore, always make sure you’re 100% confident
with your technique before “turning up” your intensity,
increasing your volume, or increasing your density.

Furthermore, like I was telling one of my friends
yesterday –

A GUARANTEED way to make progress almost
perpetually is to let your form dictate your reps,
instead of always using prescribed sets and reps.

This is especially true when learning a new exercise,
like the KB snatch or KB jerk.

3. Use Progressive Overload

This simply means that you do a little more – NOT
a lot –

A little more work each and every workout.

Over time, your accumulate “workload” and your
body adapts to that process –

Rewarding you with whatever it is you’re trying to
accomplish –

… Get leaner…

… Get stronger…

… Get better conditioned…

A simple example would be adding one rep to
each set of swings every swing workout.

Over the course of 10 workouts, you would’ve
added 10 extra reps per set.

See how that works?

That of course begs another question:

So how exactly do you put these to use in your own
kettlebell workouts?

You don’t.


Why re-invent the wheel?

I’ve already done it for you inside Kettlebell Express!

Here’s a video I made for you showing you EXACTLY
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This is for you if –

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+  You don’t have the time or desire to learn
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See EXACTLY what’s inside Kettlebell Express!

Talk soon.


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