Top 3 Reasons KB Workouts DON’T Burn Fat…

I remember how excited I was back in 2001 when I read
the ad copy for kettlebells – specifically “The Russian
Kettlebell Challenge,” book from Dragon Door.

I was like a kid in a candy store.

One of my favorite parts of that advertisement was the
following quote:

“Watch in amazement as high-rep kettlebells let you
hack the fat off your meat — without the dishonor of
aerobics and dieting.”

I loved that last part – “…without the dishonor of aerobics
and dieting.”

“A-Ha!” I thought to myself… “I’ve found the magic bullet
for my clients.”

However, it turned out that the ad didn’t live up to its

Why not?

Was it the ad’s fault or was it something else…?

… Something more…


Here are the Top 3 reasons I believe that ad copy didn’t
match reality:

3. Different lifestyles between Russians and Americans

Russians grew up with physical education being a primary
centerpiece in their school curricula.

By the time the kettlebell was re-introduced on a mass level
in America, a whole generation of kids had grown up with
sub-par physical education because Little Johnny had self
esteem issues.

Russians did mobility work at their desks and participated
in all manners of sports.

Americans – heck, I don’t remember what we did. But it
wasn’t mobility work, that’s for sure. Bean bag tosses and
kickball if I remember correctly.

So the American body wasn’t prepared for the high rep
rigors of kettlebell training after spending a lifetime sitting
at our desks on our keysters.

This is exactly why Pavel wrote “Enter the Kettlebell” in
2006 after he wrote “The Russian Kettlebell Challenge” –

Kettlebell training methodology had to be adapted to and
for the American body.

Case in point: The Snatch is superior to the Swing for
strength, conditioning, and fat loss.

However, most American shoulders can’t handle the Snatch
and take a long period of time to be able to do so.

2. Cold War Supermarkets

In the former Soviet Union, there were shortages on everything.

You name it, you usually waited for hours in line for it.

Not so in America.

Our supermarkets are stocked to the ceilings with all sorts
of food – every kind imaginable: Cookies, cakes, crackers,

Soviets / Russian lived on cabbage and stale bread.

Pretty easy to lose weight when you add a kettlebell to
that mix.

Americans eat when they’re hungry and eat when they’re

We eat for entertainment instead of survival.

Speaking of food – that brings me to my #1 point of why
the ad copy failed to live up to it’s billing:

1. Our food is working against our fat loss.

Yeah, I know, that’s a weird statement.

Here’s what I mean –

Much of what we eat in the US isn’t really even “food.”

It’s manufactured.

And that manufacturing process not only robs us of any
nutrition that food might have had at one time –

But –

And here’s the sinister part –

This “food” jacks up our bodies’ hormones (all in the name
of being healthy or healthier), confuses our bodies –

And makes us store fat, regardless of how many Swings
you’re doing.

If you’re eating food that was never supposed to be food,
and it creates a hormonal disruption in your body telling it
to store fat –

You have to fix that first because no amount of kettlebell
work is going to do very much for you – little if anything
if your internal environment is messed up.

It’s like bringing a package of breath mints and a can of
Lysol to a toxic waste dump.

It’ll make you feel good, mask some of the symptoms,
but is a far cry from doing anything about fixing the

Case in point?

Toxic vegetable oil.

(And those in authority promoting the stuff.)

For example – the American Heart Association recently
recommended that we –

“Choose vegetable oils and margarines with liquid
vegetable oil as the first listed ingredient. Examples
are canola, corn, peanut, safflower, sesame, soybean
and sunflower oils.”

Unfortunately the reality is the opposite.

These oils have been proven to CLOG your arteries –

Which we can both agree is pretty damaging to your health.

My Canuck buddy and nutrition nerd, Nick Pineault, asked if
me if I would share this article with you.

If you’re interested in your health, and more importantly –

(As if anything is truly more important than your health…)

Why you’ve done a bunch of Swings etc, only to be disappointed
with your lack of fat loss –

Then you’ll find this article enlightening.

(I swear, I’m not a conspiracy nut, but it’s almost like we are
being deliberately misled and misinformed…)


This Golden Oil Is Making You Fat & Sick (NEVER eat)

By: Nick Pineault
Creator and Author of, “The Truth About Fat Burning Foods”

Refined vegetable oils – from canola, corn, peanut, soybean, etc. – are
the WORST kind of fats you can eat.

Why? Because plants contain very fragile polyunsaturated fats
that are sensitive to heat, oxygen and even light.

(That’s why very expensive gourmet oils are always kept in dark

But food manufacturers don’t care about damaging your healthy
fats. They extract plant oils using the industrial solvent hexane — at
very high temperatures.

Once the oil has been extracted, it’s a smelly grey mess.

But they filter, degum and deodorize that goo until it looks good and
smells neutral, and then sell it to you.

Terrible, I know…

And the worst is – the latest research shows that these refined
oils might be even MORE dangerous than the trans fats they are
replacing in restaurants, processed foods and probably in your
own pantry…

FACT: Vegetable oils contain a ton of omega-6, which are very
inflammatory to your body. Excess inflammation increase your risks
of heart attacks and virtually every disease.

FACT: Even though they brag about containing 0 trans fats, vegetable
oils are often LOADED with trans fats.

In one study that looked at soybean and canola oils found on
store shelves in the U.S., about 0.56% to 4.2% of the fatty
acids in them were toxic trans fats.

FACT: Vegetable oils contain trace amounts of hexane, the very
toxic solvent that’s used during processing.

And even though many regulatory agencies claim hexane levels in
food are safe, test results obtained by The Cornucopia Institute
indicate that your oil may contain hexane levels 10X higher than
what is considered safe by the FDA.


Delightful, isn’t it?

And you thought your cooking oil was healthy…

The fact is, you could make the argument that modern refined
vegetable oils are just as bad for your health as trans fats or
even smoking cigarettes.

Here’s the scary part –

This is just the tip of the iceberg as far as the food industry

If you want to know more about how the food we’re being
sold is sabotaging your fat-burning kettlebell workouts –

Read about these 3 “healthy food” lies and why your kitchen
is full of “fat storing” ingredients.

Talk soon.


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