Top 7 Reasons “Kettlebell 365″ Is NOT For You…

You may be on the fence about whether Kettlebell 365 is for

Here are the Top 7 Reason’s it’s probably NOT:

7. You crave random, “hardcore,” killer WOD-style workouts
each and every time you workout, that leave you drenched in
sweat and borderline sick to your stomach.

I’m all for a “hardcore” workout now and then, but what I’m
really about is the numbers. Watching the numbers increase –
more reps with the same sized kettlebell, using a heavier
kettlebell, and watching waist measurements get smaller.

In other words, measurable results.

What good is it if you get the short-term emotional high from
a “killer” workout but your body hasn’t changed (for the better)
over the last 3, 6, or 12 months?

The answer is – It’s not good.

You’re doing nothing more than climbing up a gravel hill –
you have the illusion of progress, without the measurable,
tangible results to prove your belief.

And that’s called being deceived

The worst part about being deceived?

Most people who are don’t know they are.

A temporary feeling post-workout is NOT a measure of

If you’re ready to get off the Workout of the Day merry-go-
round and start seeing measurable results, sign up for
Kettlebell 365 today.

6. Your idea of a “great workout” is picking your kettlebell
up and moving it from its place as a doorstop in your spare
room to your garage or basement and you’re baffled by
your lack of results.

Despite the marketing hype, there’s nothing “magical” about
a kettlebell. It’s just a tool. It’s a darn good one at that and
allows you to do exercises that you can’t do effectively if
at all with other tools – like the Swing.

But you still have to DO some work to get the results you

And doing “some swings” every once in awhile won’t cut it

You need something planned and purposeful

You know – something done with intent.

You have to USE the thing – intelligently.

If you’re ready to start working out following an intelligently
designed and purposefully planned kettlebell workouts, sign
up for Kettlebell 365 now.

5. You’re constantly looking for those free kettlebell workouts
off the Interwebz.

You know what they say about “free” stuff?

That’s right – you get what you pay for.

Think about it.

Do doctors give you free appointments?

Do mechanics give you free oil changes?

Sure, both of them may throw something extra in with their
services, but I have yet to meet one who gave me something

(OK, not true – one of my good friends is a doc – he gave me
a free blood test – but he’s the only one ever.)

Look, I’ll admit, I like the “free” interwebz stuff too.

However, the problem with “free” is three-fold:

1. Most of the time I never use it.

Why not?

Because it didn’t cost me anything. I have no skin in the

2. The other times the stuff is missing context.

What’s context?

Let’s say I get a free lesson on playing the guitar. I learn how
to play the F chord. (Who knows if that’s even right – I suck at
music. Zero gifting there.)


I can just keep playing that chord and think I’m cool, or I can
learn the rest of the chords and then learn how to play songs.

Same thing with most of the free kettlebell workouts out there –

It’s ONE workout – a “killer” one at that – but it’s not part of a
sequential, and logically planned program, designed to yield
you a specific result – like losing 20 pounds in 10 weeks or
something like that.

3. The source is sketchy.

There are lots of “kettlebell instructors” on the ol’ interwebz
these days. Seems like everyone has a certification they’re
offering now. But what’s that instructor’s background?

Do they even have a background and proven reliable track
record in the industry or did they just get into the field because
they wanted to change careers and have “always enjoyed
working out?”

See the difference?

Without tooting my own horn, I’ve been training people for 22
year and training people with kettlebells for 13 years. I’ve been
a Master Kettlebell Instructor in two different organizations
and I’ve traveled the world teaching people how to use
kettlebells correctly.

I tell you that so you know you’re in good hands when
you do one of my programs, like Kettlebell 365

4. You like living with stiff knees, tight hips and shoulders, and
a sore neck and lower back.

Well God bless you then, cause I sure as h#ll hated / hate it.

When you’re stiff and sore all the time, you’re body doesn’t
move – can’t move – the way it’s designed, so it compensates.

Load that with a bunch of high intensity killer kettlebell
workouts, and you’ll just end up more stiff and more sore.
Trust me – I’ve walked that road. Got the t-shirt to go with it

It’s like painting yourself into a corner.

There’s a way out but not without messing stuff up in the
process AND having to go back in and do everything over

Not to mention wasting money on doctor’s visits.

Invest your money in yourself now because you can rather
than squander it later because you have to. Enroll in
Kettlebell 365 now.

3. You either like being a member of the “herd” or you’re
and unwitting member of it.

The fact of the matter is that most people want to be just like
everybody else.

They do the same things… Think the same things… Parrot
back the same things…

Very few people think or do for themselves.

They are conformists.

Most people will either –

a) Not work out cause they’re too busy lazy or

b) Do the same workout day in and day out because since
it worked once, a long time ago, it must, (by superstition)
have to still keep working, right? Right???

The truth is, the movers and shakers of this world aren’t
controlled by the opinions of others.

They do their own thing.

And they don’t give a rat’s rear end who likes it or doesn’t.

And that means that many people reading this will be scared
away from joining Kettlebell 365 because after all, who
plans for something a year in advance?

It’s better to wing it, right?

See how you feel and all that?

Here’s a little secret for you -

Lean closer…

Those who are the most successful – all the movers and shakers –
the millionaires we all admire – aren’t lucky.

They PLAN.


The same thing is true with your kettlebell workouts.

For best results –

The ones that you can see and feel and don’t waste your time –

PLAN your workouts.

It’s the opposite of what the herd does.

Get one year’s worth of professionally designed and
planned kettlebell workouts inside Kettlebell 365 here.

2. You’re perfectly satisfied with how you look in the mirror
and move just like you did when you were a kid –
effortlessly and without thought.

If not, there are some things you can do to help you get to
that point.

Of course you can spend all that time and energy researching
all this working out and adaptation stuff and miss out on other
more important [to you] things.

Or you can do what you’d do with every other area of your
life –

Hire it out.

Sure, I could paint my house. I used to paint in college.

But it’s been awhile since I’ve been on one of those extra tall
ladders and I have a 20 foot cathedral ceiling in my living room.
And while I’m not afraid of heights, I’d rather spend time with
my kids then endanger my ability to play with them by painting
the ceiling.

Know what I mean?

So let me ask you this:

What’s your time and energy worth?

Hire out your kettlebell programming.

Sign up for Kettlebell 365 today.

1. You like banging your head against the wall and love
the idea of trying to do the same workout over and over
and over again, even though it’s not only beating you up,
but making you weaker and fatter.

There are some people who advocate that once you set a goal,
you shouldn’t stop until you complete it. Then they offer
ONE solution to reaching that goal.

While I’m a BIG proponent of goal setting and achieving,
there are many ways to skin the proverbial cat.

When it comes to strength training, the direct route isn’t
always the best approach.

Shoot, many times in life it’s not either.

Case in point, as I write this I’m looking at the Rocky
Mountains – particularly Pike’s Peak.

The direct route up Pike’s Peak is straight up.

Sure, it’s something only the heartiest of hikers undertake,
because the weather can turn in a moment and getting caught
above the tree line in such cases can be risky to your life.

For the rest of us, we take the indirect route.

Sure, it’s still “up” – but it’s a series of switchbacks – of roads
that wind back and forth increasing in elevation up the

Strength training – kettlebell training – often presents the
same approach.

When you first get started, many times you can take the direct
approach – Swings and Get Ups.

But as you progress in elevation (I’m writing this from 7000
feet above sea level – Pike’s Peak is another 7000+ feet higher),
you need to start using “switchbacks” when you want to get
to the top.

Think of the 4 Phases of Productive Programming inside
Kettlebell 365 as the switchbacks.

Phase 1: Get Rid of Your Weaknesses
Phase 2: Get Stronger
Phase 3: Get Leaner
Phase 4: Get More Muscular

The more you use them, the easier it is to get to the peak – to
see the results you truly desire.

Don’t caught in bad weather above the tree line trying to
take the “straight up” approach.

Sign up for Kettlebell 365 today to get to the top.

Talk soon.


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