Top Secret Super Bowl Kettlebell Workout

So the Ravens won.

And my in-laws are sad. They’re big Niner’s fans.

Of course, everyone in the athletic world will want to
know the “big secret” to the Ravens success now.

I’m pretty sure you’ll see workouts online claiming
to be what the new World Champs have been doing.

There’ll probably be a write up in Men’s Whatchamacallit
magazine too.

So in that spirit, I have on very good insider information
that the following is the “official” Ravens kettlebell
workout routine.

Here it goes…


Ok, I’m sorry.

I just can’t do this.

Look, here’s the Big Darn Secret, ok?

And it has to do with last week’s “EPIC Fail” email –
about the guy who quit “EXTREME!” after only a week
and only losing 1pound.

(Got a follow up email from him about that. More on
that in a minute…)

Success, whether winning the Super Bowl, or losing
15 pounds of fat in 30 days or moving up a kettlebell
size has to do with ONE thing:


Yeah, I know. NOT sexy.

Not the latest, greatest, super-fantastic new kettlebell
exercise technique combined with some new WOD.


No, wait – No I’m not.

I just gave you the BIG DARN SECRET that you may
or may not have been looking for.

But ONE thing’s for certain – if you’re not seeing the
results you’re looking then you’re doing the following:

– You’re CONSISTENTLY doing things that are keeping
you from seeing success

And that’s it.

All you have to do is identify what those things are and

For example:

Still fat?

Stop eating so much. Seriously. (And train more
intelligently too.)

Still can’t get that Press?

Press more often. (And stop training to failure.)

Have no motivation to work out?

Find some. Seriously. It’s all around you.

So many of us, myself included at times, find reasons
to sabotage ourselves and fail.

In the words of Bob Newhart, “STOP IT!”

Start doing what you say you want to do.

It’s really that simple.

One foot in front of the other. Repeatedly.

And you know what “repeatedly” breeds?

Or should I say, “becomes”?


That’s how the Ravens won the Super Bowl.

They did things – the right things – consistently.

Over and over and over and over and over and
over and over… again.

Sure, it may have been “boring.”

And they may have felt like they “needed a change.”

But they probably didn’t.

They did the same things – the RIGHT things –


And that’s why they won.

And that’s how you’re going to win too.

It may not be sexy, it may not be “exciting.” In fact,
you may find it downright boring at times.

(Like running the same play over and over again.)

But THAT’S how you get it done.

Don’t believe me?

Well back to that “EPIC Fail” email from last week.

I heard back from the author of the email. And it
wasn’t a kind email. See, apparently it was “all” my

Which was funny, cause I guess it was all my fault
too when I got an email from Tony saying he’d lost
12 pounds in 3 weeks. (And he’s in his 60s. So much
for it being harder to lose weight as you get older…)

And I guess I’ll have to take the blame too for the email
I got Stephen who didn’t lose anything the first week
he did the program but ended up losing 17 pounds total.

Obviously, I’m speaking tongue-in-cheek here to
prove a point.

At the end of the day, you may never win a world
championship in anything.

And that’s ok.

Most of us won’t.

But you can and WILL reach the majority of your
goals – kettlebell body – and otherwise – simply
by doing the RIGHT things that move you toward
your goal –


The “Kettlebell Burn Inner Circle” is a great example
of doing “the right things” and a perfect place for you
to start if you truly want to see results in from your
kettlebell workouts.

The best part is that I consistently send you monthly
workouts, weekly email motivation, and you consistently
do the workouts and then some kind of weird “magic”
happens – you get results.

Love this quote by Emerson:

“Do the thing, have the power.”

Have a great rest of the day.


P.S. This “strange” behavior of doing things consistently
is what “Kettlebell Secrets” is all about. Sure, you get
interesting daily insights into your kettlebell training,
but at the end of the day, it’s all about APPLYING those
insights to your training.

It won’t do you a lick of good if you don’t do anything
with it.

I guess that’s what makes “Kettlebell Secrets” subscribers
such a unique crowd – for the most part, they’re DOERS.
(Well, except the “EPIC Fail” ones – and you’re not one
of those, are you?)

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