Travel. Day. From. HELL. LOL

1:23AM Pacific Standard Time, Northern California.


That’s the only way to describe today.

It was so nuts that I just have to laugh about it.

Here’s how it all started…

4:10AM (Yesterday) – Wife turns hallway light on to basement
with no word. I wake up. Was sleeping in the basement because
she’s been sick all week, keeping us both up coughing.

Boy wet his bed. Poor kid. Wife went back to bed. I changed

I went back to bed about 4:30AM. Alarm went off at 5:15AM.

6:55AM – Quick 30 minute workout.

9:25AM – 25 minutes late to airport. Just found outlet timer
for light after searching for 10 minutes.

9:30AM – Leave for airport.

9:31AM – Turn around back to house. Forgot something.

10:40 – Arrive at airport.

10:45 – Repark car 3 times because it’s too close to car
next to it.

10:50 – Arrive at Southwest ticketing – have to get daughter
special lap permit. Ticketing swamped.

10:55 – Call Southwest to find out about later flights since
our flight leaves at 11:50. None available other than standby.

11:20 – Finally get through ticketing. Race to security, boy
in one hand, his suitcase in the other.

11:25 – Ask people in line if we can “cut.” All say yes.

11:30 – Get through security. Almost. Forgot to take computer
out of bag. No agent available to check bag. Have to rescreen

11:37/8 – Finally on tram to terminal.

11:42 – Run to gate, me carrying boy in one arm, his carry-on
in the other. Wife pushing stroller.

Informed by gate agent they gave our seats away. 10 minute

Wife breaks down in tears and has daggers shooting out of eyes
toward me. (Rightfully so. Busiest travel day of the year
at the airport and I didn’t allow for extra time.)

11:55 – I pay for “confirmed” tickets instead of stand-by,
because stand-by will most likely get us stranded in another
city. Only non-direct flights available. New flight at 910PM.

Must kill 9 hours in airport.

5:00PM – Successfully make it to 5pm, when wife suggests dinner.

5:40PM – Just finish dinner when baby girl throws up all over
herself, and restaurant floor. Fortunately it’s tile.

5:45PM Wife changes her clothes, and goes to bathroom to wash

5:50PM – Baby girl throws up all over new clothes, restaurant
floor, and just misses me.

5:55PM – Wife comes back from bathroom, changes baby girl’s
clothes. I go to bathroom to wash and dry second set of

6:10PM – We leave restaurant. Take kids for walk through

Feel like we’re doing well.

Wife still exhausted from being sick (in bed) all week.

8:10PM – Flight delayed 45 minutes. New departure time – 9:55PM.

8:30PM – Walking baby girl in Ergo (baby carrier) to get her
to sleep. Throws up all over me, herself, and the baby carrier.

8:35PM – I give baby to wife and go to store and buy new t-shirts
for me and new “ones-y” for baby. Get t-shirt special – 2 for

8:40PM – Back to wife and son at gate. Wife takes baby girl
and “ones-y” to bathroom to change, along with 2nd pair of
pants that I washed and dried 2.5 hours earlier.

I go to the bathroom to change shirt.

8:50PM – Baby girl throws up again, all over floor, her new
outfit, and my wife’s left arm and left leg.

9:25PM – Board plane.

9:26PM – Couple behind us, also with pre-schooler and infant.
Infant screams first half of flight.

9:27PM – Baby girl won’t settle down. Has to nurse to calm.
Won’t sleep. Fidgety.

10:45PM – Baby girl throws up all over wife, airplane floor,
hits man behind us.

10:47-11PM – Wife and airline attendants clean floor, seat,
and my wife cleans herself up. I hold baby girl. She falls
asleep on me.

11:35PM – Land in Northern CA. Wife puts on the second t-
shirt I bought.

12:00/12:15AM – Arrive at in-laws.

1:05AM – Son crying because batteries died in his favorite
mobile that helps him sleep.

1:22AM – Son FINALLY goes to bed/falls asleep.

As you can see, it was the day from hell.


But by the grace of God we made it.

Good thing my workouts are purposefully short.

It would drive me nuts if they weren’t. I’d be missing
them all the time with all this commotion.

Speaking of commotion – there’s always a lot of commotion
going on this time of year.

Today obviously was a case in point.

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Gotta hit the hay – been up almost 24 hours now…

Talk soon.


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