True Or False? “Everything Works…”

Hope you had a great weekend.

We did. I got in one of my long walks, where
I go out for about an hour, alone with my
thoughts, and just take in the scenery.

Love being able to do this with the mountains
in the background – makes it that much more
special for some reason.

I hope you can do this for yourself –

BIG TIME relaxing, which in turn increases
productivity – at least for me.

Which reminds me of that quote:

“Everything works, but nothing works forever.”

I’m pretty sure you have – it’s been floating
around for awhile.

I was reading one of my favorite strength sites
this past weekend an ran into an article by
a guy named Matt Foreman, who’s an Olympic
Weightlifting coach, Olympic Trials competitor,
and a 4-time National Championship bronze
medalist, plus some other accolades.

(So he might know a thing or two.)

In his article he said –

“I once heard a coach say, “Everything works,
but nothing works forever.” I disagree with
both parts of that idea.

There are some things that clearly don’t work,
and there are also things that definitely work

Trying to become a better Olympic lifter by
using all the newest strength fads you read
about on the internet doesn’t work. Mastering
the technique of the full competition lifts
and improving your squat strength works forever.”

Interesting point of view, no?

It made me think for a minute and you know

He’s absolutely right.


Some things just don’t work.

For example – random acts of variety – or
just doing what you “feel like” when you
work out.

Or –

My friend’s wife just spent a year doing one
of the WOD programs.

You know what happened to her strength?


It went nowhere.


Because there wasn’t enough continuity or
frequency in the training program to get better
at the skill of getting stronger.

Imagine that –

Wasting a whole year with nothing to show
for it.

I don’t know about you, but I’d be pretty pissed.

You know what works ALL the time with KBs to
make you stronger AND leaner – many times

Double kettlebell training.

Start working with 2 bells and you’ll always
get results.


Well, maybe not “always.”

Not if you fall into the WOD trap.

Now, if you had something that was pre-programmed
and principle based, you’d make some serious

Where could you find such a thing?

Glad you asked.

You’ll find 48 weeks of PROVEN strength
programming inside “Kettlebell STRONG!.”

PROVEN to make you stronger AND leaner –
many times simultaneously, without much change
in your nutrition.

Get your copy here.

Talk soon.


P.S. Some things stand the test of time. They
ALWAYS work.

Consistent, frequent, science-based programming
using progressive overload, wins EVERY time
over the WOD mindset.

Experience time-tested results with “Kettlebell

Get your copy here.

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