Try This Killer Bodyweight Circuit (Workout Inside)

Hey – I just finished this workout.

OK, not “just” – I just finished eating…

But I did finish it about an hour ago
and I thought you’d be able to plug it
into your kettlebell workouts…

(First I’ll list it then go into the
subtle nuances of each exercise so you
can perform them safely and get maximum
strength and muscle gains.)

Here it is/was:

A1. Chins w/ pike/L-Seat
A2. Parallel Dips (specialty)
A3. Pistols

It was “killer” cause I –

1) Was focusing on strength


2) I felt pretty much every muscle in my
body and that used a lot of energy

Here was how it went down and how
I recommend you do it too.

A1. Chins w/ pike

– These I did as many as I could before
my speed slowed down and my form began
to alter – so within 1 rep of either of
those happening

– I cue the pull from the pinkies and
do the best I can to squeeze my elbows
close to the sides. This really engages
the lats and the abs

– Plus I push the heels out and squeeze
my ankles together for maximum ab

– Also put a slight pause a the bottom

– Sets x reps: 10,8,6,6 = 30 Total

A2. Parallel Dips (specialty)

– These were done on a “V” bar where
the “V” is upside down – the point is
away from me

– I push from the heels of my palms and
try to push the bars open. Also, I
externally rotate my upper arms the whole
way through. This protects the shoulders.

– At the top, I push my shoulders down,
basically I’m packing the shoulders like
I would in a Get Up or Press.

– Sets x reps: 10,12,15,12 = 49 Total

A3. Pistols

– I’ve written A TON about these lately
so I’m not going to go into great detail.

– But I do cue myself to build up my
arch and grip the ground with my foot.
This makes my knees – especially my
right one very happy.

– I took it easy on these and just
worked the groove.

– Sets x reps: 5+5, 5+5, 5+5, 5+5

As far as rest went, I rested just enough
to move from one exercise to the other.

Then after A3. I rested enough to catch
my breath.

Give that a shot. You don’t have to use
those sets and reps, but I would play
with those cues and see if they’re
as helpful for you as me.

One more thing – you could easily tie
on some kettlebells or put them on your
feet for added resistance. I just chose
not to today…

Talk soon.


P.S. I almost forgot the BEST PART –

The whole workout took me 20 minutes!

I didn’t sleep much last night so
this is all I really wanted to do –
and it was More Than Enough!

I really think that 20 minute workouts
or training sessions are probably
best for most of us with stressful
lives (read: Kids)…

P.P.S. I wouldn’t plug this into “Burn”
if you’re doing that – too much. But if
you’re not – it might be something to

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