Try This Swing Variation To Burn More Calories… (Details Inside)

Hey – sorry we haven’t talked in awhile – hiding out
the proverbial bat cave… lots on the plate right now –
boy not sleeping well – so we’re not sleeping well…

You may know how it is…

Anyway, I wanted to share this with you – it’s a Swing
variation that we do at the RKCs to teach you how to
really load up your hips.

And I also teach it at my “Kettlebell Muscle” workshops
with the Cleans and Snatches.

It works like a charm.

The reason it does is because it forces you to do more
work on each and every rep.

It’s the Dead Swing or the Power Swing.

You have to reset on every single rep –

– Reset your grip
– Rest your position
– Reset your hips
– Reset your breath

All that stopping and starting costs extra focus and

And the really cool thing is it actually really grooves
each and every rep of your Swing – actually helping you
get stronger faster.
How To Perform The Dead / Power Swing
1. Set up like you would for a standard Swing with the KB
about 12 inches in front of you.

2. Hike the KB back underneath your legs.

3. Stand up as explosively as possible – like a vertical

4. Let the KB swing back underneath the body and park
it in the start position.

5. Reset and perform another rep.
Sets & Reps N Stuff
1. For pure power – use sets of 3 reps – 10-20 sets with a
medium sized bell

2. For strength – use sets of 5-10 with a medium to heavy

3. For conditioning – use sets of 20 with a light to medium

* Sets of 2-3 reps work really well for technique acquisition
on the doubles.
So sub out your regular Swings once a week for a session
of Dead / Power Swings and see how much harder you
end up breathing.

Those extra breaths will most likely end up being an extra
pound or two over the long run!

Talk soon.


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