Two Ways To “Kill” A Snatch…

So yesterday we were talking about how to make your Snatch
more effective.

Had some great emails about that, one again from my friend

I had suggested some changes for him as you recall regarding
the order of his workouts. He tried it and found that it worked
well except for his Snatch – he actually lost control of one of
them and overall, had a bad Snatch segment in his workout.

He postulated that the Snatch maybe plays by different rules.

I’d agree.

Unless you’re doing some conditioning with a relatively easy
kettlebell, I think the Snatch belongs at the beginning of your
workout, especially if your goal is to get stronger – a lot stronger
with it.


Cause it’s so technical. It’s not called the “Tsar of Kettlebell Lifts”
for nuthin’.

But honestly, I hate “medium”. It’s like “lukewarm.”

Who ever goes to Starbucks and asks for a lukewarm coffee?

You don’t – it’s either hot or iced, right?

I think you should approach your Snatch like that.

I think there are two ways to “kill” your Snatch – as in “own” it:

1. Train it for strength using lower reps using a moderately
heavy KB.

2. Then train your conditioning with some higher rep sets using a
lighter KB.

I’ve had great success using this methodology with RKC

It never fails.

Or better yet, go on a snatching tear – spend a block of your
year working on the “only” the Snatch. (Ha ha ha – “only” –
Man this is like the “double dog dare” when we were kids…)

See what you can do with your strength, your conditioning, and
your body fat levels. I bet none of them will get worse. :-)

Don’t try and reinvent the wheel though trying to figure this stuff
out on your own. Takes too much effort. Effort that is better
spent on snatching. ;-]

Instead go through all 18 weeks of the “King Sized Killer” and
“King Sized Killer 2.0″ that I’ve already designed for you in
“Kettlebell Express!”.

Send me pictures of your results in 18 weeks – I’m thinking you’ll
look like you are carved from granite…

Talk soon.


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