Two Weeks. 5 Steps. Are You Ready??

Hard to believe it’s only 2 weeks away.

Especially with snow on the ground here in the “high desert.”

(Seriously – that’s my backyard.)

Memorial Day that is.

The “official” start of summer.

And all those beer commercials with guys throwing the
football on the beach with abzz.

And the women in all laughing and pointing while huddling
together in their bikinis.

Of course none of that bothers us.

We’re happy to drink our beer on the beach in our sunscreen
shirts and our bikini wraps.

(I don’t wear a bikini wrap – just sayin’)

Ok, as self-absorbed as it may sound –

Who are we kidding???

NO ONE really wants to be “that” guy or “that” girl who feels
so insecure that he or she has to cover up at the beach or
at the pool.

So do something about it this year.

I don’t know how much “winter weight” you have to lose,
but I do know this:

You could lose between 5 and 10 pounds in the next 2
weeks if you really wanted to.

(Your results depend on how much you have to lose.)

The key is to get your nutrition and your workouts dialed
in to match each other.

Along with getting your body to “turn on” your fat-burning
hormones and “turn off” your fat-storing ones.

And of course burn some calories.

Here’s what you do (5 Steps):

1. Train every day.

2. Alternate grind days with ballistics days.

3. Alternate carb days with no carb days.

4. Fast once a week.

5. Cheat once a week.


Down a couple pounds EASY.

If you want something more detailed, I’ve laid it all out
in a simple step-by-step plan to follow to help you out.

It’s all inside “Kettlebell Burn EXTREME!” and in 14 short
days from now you could be leaner and more muscular on
the beach or by the pool.

If that’s something you’d like to be – then get your copy here.

And if you’re comfortable and content wearing that sunscreen
shirt, that’s fine too I guess.

Talk soon.


P.S. I think I’m going to find a lake on Memorial Day. Supposed
to be some lakes around here…

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