Up For This Challenge?

Ah yes…. Saturday….

A way to look back at all the previous week’s failures…

All the stuff you didn’t get done…

The workouts you skipped…


Sorry – just had to jolt us out of that negative thinking,

We’re almost 40 days into a new year and you may
not have accomplished what you thought you wanted

Especially on the physical part.

Most of us just want to look great nekkid or at least
partially so. ;-)

The problem is that many of us just don’t have the
emotional energy necessary to invest in doing what
it takes to make this dream a reality.


Because life bears down on us so hard that it literally
feels like we never get anything done and we’re always
behind the 8 ball.

And with all the things that have to be done, how do
we take time out – and more importantly – how do we
justify to ourselves that taking time out is necessary –
to help us achieve our dreams?

So we don’t.

And those dreams just die.

But they don’t have to.

Not at all.

Your dream just needs a little CPR that’s all.

Maybe even a quick shot of adrenaline to get snap it –
and you – back to life.

Fortunately, my buddy Josh has just the thing for you –

Check it out –


This little challenge is just enough to help you wake
up this time next Saturday with a whole new outlook
on life –

And you’ll probably be a little leaner too.


I’m outta here – gotta go get all the stuff done I
didn’t do earlier this week – like cleaning out the
basement…. Fun.


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