UPDATE: New “Becoming Bulletproof” Workshop – Details Inside

No… it’s not Australia – even though we’ve had several
requests to hop on down under.

We’ve had A TON of requests for a Midwest workshop –

Sooo…. here ya go!


Right in the heart of the country.

Here’s where you register –


From the amount of emails I’ve gotten for workshop
requests I’d hop on over here and sign up PRONTO –
this one is capped at 20 because we have a smaller space.

See you there!


P.S. Tim and I just finished up shooting the regressions
for the manual today. I am constantly amazed at how
simple this stuff is – as plain as the nose on your face
and yet some how we’ve all missed it for so many years!

We’re super stoked to share this stuff with you – to help
you and your clients literally feel bulletproof and move
again the way you were intended to move!

Here’s that sign up again:


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