Use This “Jedi Mind Trick” To Get Stronger…

The KB Clean + Jerk and the KB Snatch are arguably
two of the finest movements for developing pretty
much any physical quality and any physical outcome.

Strength. Check.

Power. Check.

Endurance. Check.

Change body composition. Check.

Flexibility/mobility. Check.

You can use a heavier KB or do more reps.

Swing it through your legs for multiple reps or
lift it from the floor.

Very versatile.

But it DEMANDS your attention.

One of the things I learned as a young weightlifter

This means to finish extending the hips so the
bar will “float.”

It’s similar to snapping the hips with your KBs
only the bar goes up instead of out. (Out is bad
in weightlifting.)

And one of the tell-tale signs of really finishing
the pull was when you literally caught the bar
standing – with no knee dip/dip under – just like
we do with our KB Cleans and Snatches.

What’s the big deal about that you ask?


Go double the weight of your KBs and then get back
to me, ok?

That’s the difference.

So the power output must be much greater.

And that’s the next secret –


We touched briefly about this in the Secret #6 –
the one about “grinding” – but the faster you
move your KB (the load) – under control of course –
the stronger you will become.

I remember asking Alfonso about all the tempo
prescription stuff – you know – down in 4 up in 2
that was popularized back in the mid-90s and he
showed me this cool experiment to prove the point –

He stood on a scale holding a dumbbell – moving it
at a 4-0-2 tempo. The scale didn’t move – just
showed his weight.

Then he moved that dumbbell explosively.

The scale jumped all over the place!

Thus proving that Force = Mass x Acceleration.

Low mass (light KB) + low acceleration (slow
tempo) = WEAK.

So FORCE – gaining and producing is best trained
by always moving your weights (KBs) as fast as
possible (under control of course).

And just like young Luke Skywalker used his mind
and the “Force” to move stuff – you must always
INTEND to move your weights as fast as possible.

That’s the closest thing to a “Jedi mind-trick” you’ll
ever use to get truly stronger. Plus it’ll make your
weights feel lighter.

Which leads me to my last Cuban training secret.

One day I came into the gym to train and my back
was feeling a little sore.

No problem, Al said. Instead of my regularly
planned workout he made me do some bottom’s up
Squats with the pins in the rack set so my hip
and knee angles were both at 90 degrees.

(These are Squats where you start by lifting
the bar off the pins, not from standing.)

Just work up to a heavy set of 8 he told me.

So I did, probably cause I didn’t know any better,
and worked up to 585lbs for 8. And my back was fine.
In fact it felt better and the soreness disappeared.


Life doesn’t turn out exactly the way we script it.

When it doesn’t, you can still do something.

That’s how you make progress.

Next time your circumstances seem to prevent you from
doing your workouts, or the workouts you want – no
problem – just do something. Anything.

It keeps you moving forward.

See, Alfonso always had a plan to keep me moving
forward. His years of experience allowed him to see
opportunities where I only saw obstacles.

Here’s a plan to keep you moving forward – to overcome
your obstacles with opportunities.

That’s it for this week.

I’m off to celebrate my little boy’s first birthday –
all the grandparents will be in town and it will be
a joyous occasion.

Talk soon.


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got something special for you (sorry ladies – although
it will probably help you too).

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