[VIDEO] 4-Step Formula For More Powerful Swings

Hope you’re doing great today – I am.

Except I got my little boy’s cold and can barely
breathe and sound like I’m talking inside a
fishbowl. LOL!

Anyway, got some great feedback on that last email
about the Swing Study done by Dr. McGill at Waterloo U.

(If you didn’t read it – go back and check you’re
inbox – cause there were some important things in
there about how Swings could be bad for your back.)

One of the things he noted is, “The spine can
withstand high loads if it is postured close to
its neutral curvature. The ‘corrected movement
pattern’ requires ‘hip-hinging’ to bend and lift.”

– “JoSCR”,vol.26.1.Jan.2012.p.25.

Of course, if you’re an RKC or HKC you already know
this – or are supposed to.

I was going to make you a new video on the correct
“hip hinge” movement, but since I sound like Charlie
Brown’s teacher (“Waah – waah – waah – waaaaa…)
right now, I thought I’d just pull one out of the
“Kettlebell Burn” instructional stash.

In it, I go over 4 simple cues in an easy-to-
remember format.

Here it is – Check it out and let me know what
you think.

I think it’s a really simple formula for cueing
and remembering how to set up the “hip hinge” for
high powered Swings and of course, later on,

It’ll show you how to beef up your “hip hinge” power
pretty much instantaneously.

Talk later,


P.S. Even if you *think* you’re Swing is perfect
you need to see this – I guarantee you’ll see
results from just 1 of the 4 cues…

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