[VIDEO] About Your Warm Up… (Important!)

Did you know many people leave “money on the table” by not 
warming up correctly before their kettlebell workouts?

In other words, their workouts aren’t as good as they could be
because their bodies aren’t fully ready to move properly because
they’re inactive most of the day. 

So they don’t get as much work done as possible and therefore
they don’t get the results they could be getting.

Sad. But true.

As a result, I often get emails requesting my opinion on the 
“best” warm up for those kettlebell workouts.

Well, I actually have one.

It’s included in the Kettlebell Secrets Insider Coaching program.

(Normally I reserve this type of information for high-paying clients but 

I want you to have it because I know it’ll help you out.  :-) )

I made a video of it here:

I go into GREAT detail about how to perform each exercise in
the warm up.

You gotta try this.

It’ll melt you like “butt-ah.” (That’s how some of my old NYC clients 
say “butter.”)

It’s literally like a warm-up on “steroids.” ;-)

It goes in and searches for tight spots like a rescue diver and then
lubes up all those stiff and tight spots faster than a grease monkey
at Jiffy-Lube, leaving you feeling loose and relaxed, yet focused on 
the business at hand – your workout.

Watch the video here.



P.S. This video is around 30 minutes so make sure you get a pen
and paper and take notes. It’s an instructional – a how and why to
do the exercises in the warm up.

The more you understand about it, the more likely you’re willing to
do it and benefit from it.

Watch the video here.

P.P.S. Just in case you’re thinking that this video is just Original 

Strength stuff or an OS promo – it’s not. It’s based on OS principles, 
but it’s not OS as you may have seen it.

Here’s the video.

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