[VIDEO] *Best* Ab Strength Exercise For KBs?

Hope you found that meal plan I outlined yesterday very
helpful. Got some great feedback about that.

Today, I put together a quick video tutorial for you on
the “best” ab exercise to do to compliment your KB

Here it is:


Truth be told, you should do this whether you use ye
olde cattleballs or not.

It’s THAT good.

In fact, it’s a variation of some fundamental ab strength
exercises we do as infants.

Check it out here.


Talk soon.


P.S. Speaking of ab work and stuff – we only have 3 spots
out of the 40 left for the upcoming “Becoming Bulletproof”

So if you live within 100 miles of Washington DC, you
might want to pop on over and find out what other cool
ab exercises we’ve got to help your KB work…


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