[VIDEO] “Goofy” Exercise Improves Your…

Ok, here’s how this all breaks down.

I was going to say “your swing.”

Then I thought, no, no, it does more than that.

It’ll improve your squat too…

… and your press…

But really it does much more than that.

It improves your posture, which, in turn improves ALL your

And the best part of it?

It’s super-duper-easy.

So easy in fact, a child can do it.

Oh wait, children do do this…

Check it out here on the blogatron.


P.S. If you’ve ever been concerned about your posture
and tried lots of stuff and failed, then this is “money”
as “they” say.

(Who exactly are “they” and how come they seem to know
so much… Hmmmm…?)

P.P.S. Think about this: If your head is forward from
where it’s supposed to be, that’ll interfere with your natural
(and normal) shoulder mechanics.

And that means you’ll have a weaker Press.

Not only that, if your head is jutting forward, then your
butt will stick out, creating an excessive arch in your
lower back.

This shuts off your deep abdominal musculature, shortens
your gluts, and makes you not only lose power on all
your kettlebell ballistics, it puts your lower back at risk
because your vertebrae are compressing your discs.

Now go here and get this stuff fixed, ok?

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