[VIDEO] Part 2 – Keeping Your Elbows Healthy Using KBs, And The “Kettle-BALLOON”

… everything else too.

Nothing will derail your progress faster in your KB workouts than
an injury.

Make sure your technique is up to par before going any further.

Funny thing is, the same crappy technique that will bust up
your elbows and strain your biceps will jack up other parts of
your body too – like your lower back, shoulders, and neck.

Make sure before you start swing or snatch or clean or well,
even workout today you watch this video.

(Doesn’t that kettlebell look like a balloon? Yours should float
like that too on your swings… Not necessarily that high… but
should still float…)

It’ll really help protect your body, make your technique more
efficient, and accelerate your results.

Check it out here.

Talk soon.


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